Should I give up on life

After years of psychological and emotional abuse from being publicly humiliated to being literally sold by my ex boyfriend for $3000 ,I've gotten to a point of depression ,giving up on life ,death feels like the only escape from the pain

It might feel like the only escape, but it probably isn't. ?Tell us which escape routes you've tried and why you think they've failed for you. Then we'll do our best to come up with a better alternative for you.?

M x

No you should not! The fact that you are posting here means you don't entirely want to kill yourself. You're still looking for a way out, and it exists. It sounds like your life hasn't been the greatest at all, but I promise your future can be super sick.

I can't help you too much on the forum since I don't know exactly what you're struggling with and where you are, but if you want to PM me I can do my best to help.


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