idk where to put this but this is very important for people who like to date online!/jhsas-urgent-announcements:first-pedophileabuser-bust

the last site i posted this on, i got a whole bunch of shit for this. people don't understand what these people did to me (i made a post on here describing what happened to me on my other account, i'll try to link that below).?there are 41 unique people on that list (53 usernames but one guy has 13 accounts on kik and 2 on snapchat) and millions and millions of pedophiles and abusers in the world. what am i really doing? i'm not the only person who's complained about these people. these people go on various "meet people online" apps and prey on people. this post doesn't necessarily mean "block these people at all costs if you see them". this means be aware of them. if they send you a shocking picture or try to make you do something you don't want to do then you shouldn't be surprised. this post is a warning, not a witch hunt.

EDIT: also on the other site they did things that you do NOT do to any sexual harassment victim, whether it's rape, groping, exploitation via the internet, etc,. they blamed me and asked for "proof". this is why victims never speak up.

what happened to me (below)

This could go in the "Relationships and dating" board.

But this isn't a bad post it's informative.

Could probably also go under "Abuse"

I'm sorry this happened to you :( If you need support, I'd be happy to help

^ thanks to you both


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