Sexual Abuse??

On Chirsmtas i broke up with my on again off again boyfriend, after that my friends had notied that i was depressed alot and looked at the conversations both of us had and they all said that he was sexualy abusive to me and that i was sexualy abused. I didn't know much about it so i researched it up and saw that what he did to me matched what it was. But i guess i'm afraid of saying I was sexualy abused and someone saying "Oh, that not being sexualy abused! you're just looking for attention!" So I would realy be apprecitive if you guys could help me clarify if i was sexualy abused or not....
Here are some of the things he wold do to me.

1. This happened a couple of times, but we had talked about handjobs and I told him I that I wouldn't feel comfortable with doing that and I veiwed it as something couples who date shouldn't do. But when we made out he forcibly grabbed my hand and started to rub his penis with it while still holding onto my wrist.

2. I don't want children and I had told hom over-and-over-and-over-and-over that I'd only have sex if there was a condom involved, he would repeativly told me that we would have sex without it and threatened to hide the condoms..(We never had sex btw)

3. He would Repeatedly Pressure me into masturbation. I told him that my relgion and moral compass does not accept masturbation, but he would constanly play the "Oh then I guess you don't love me. Oh-whoa-is-me-I-can't-do-anything-right," Card everytime i told him no I wouldn't do that.....

I just need to know if this is sexual abuse or not... Please help.
Thank you 


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