I have been dating this guy for 3 months. And it's great. I love him and he loves me. He respects me and treats me the way a guy should be treating his girlfriend. But my last relationship wasn't like that at all. He was an alcoholic and he get really angry when he was drunk.. Which was all the time. It's started with verbal abuse; calling me a slut, telling me I was dumb, making me feel like I deserved everything I was getting because I wasnt a good enough girlfriend. It ended the night he tried to beat me up at a party. Of course, he was drunk, like always and He threw me around, told me that if I left he was going to find me and kill me. All his cousins, which are these huge tough guys, surrounded me so that he could scream in my face without me being able to run away. All because he asked me to marry him and and I said no. And everyone at that party just watched. No one did anything. No one cared that I was scared and in danger... The whole point to this is. I Feel like I never got closure. I told my mom when I got home and she texted him from my phone saying to never contact me again or she would call the police. Then he was blocked. I hate him so much. I hate that he just got to do that and nothing happened. I just want to scream at him and tell him what he did to me; how I was scared to walk down the street, how I wont go to the town he lives in, Everytime I hear his name or see someone that looks like him Im ready to bolt. What I really want to do is call him or message him and tell him how I feel in order to get closure but I'm scared that if I make him mad he'll come after me and find me and I really don't want to die. but I don't know how else to let go of all the anger I feel towards him and how to be happy with my new boyfriend. I'm 17 and I just never thought I'd be that girl who let a guy treat her like shit. And I hate him for turning me into that girl. I hate him so fucking much. But I can't do anything about it 

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.  

Stand in front of a mirror in little or not clothing.  Count how many bruises and scars you have!

Smile in front of the mirror, look how many teeth you are not missing!

Those are the things that should give you closure.

if you still need more, write down on paper every horrible thing your ex ever did to you.  Then find anything of his you still have.  Then put together a party of your new boyfriend, your mom and anyone else who is happy you are no longer with him.  Then burn or destroy the objects and paper you wrote of the horrible things he did.  Toast it, celebrate it, thank your lucky stars or higher power for it!

that should be plenty of closure for you.

PROMISE me one more thing, LEAVE HIM ALONE.  You do NOT need him back in your life, or you on his mind.  

Celebrate your freedom.  That should be closure enough!


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