My 14 Year Old Brother was Molested and raped by uncle

Gurls we are not the only ones to get raped.  My brother is 14 and slipped the date rape drug and raped in his sleep. too many for details but figure it out yourself.  He had 3 sugeries on his Lacerations, Testacles, cords severed but fixed, Penis foreskin and Penis glans,  He has a sleeping condition and takes sleeping pills and with the date rape drug he had no idea what he was doing.  He usually M before bed but did not that night. He woke up with sperm on his chest and paniced, found a friend on KIK and he talked brother through calling Police and stayed on phone until he had operation.  He is in bad shap mentally, but getting lots of help.

anyone ever had a guy friend raped?

That is truly horrible. My prayers are with your brother. I had a guy friend who was raped twice. He didn't share any details just that it happened. He contracted herpes from the ordeal but seems to have moved on. 

Thats horrible to of my guy friends that I grew up with was raped several times?


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