I never want to even see another man!

Just came out of an abusive relationship, i've lost everything that I used to have. I have my amazing daughter from him I am so greatful for her, without her I would not be here.

I never want to even speak to another man after him, two years of abuse has drained me and personally no man out there will treat me any different, why would they!? One man treats me like that there all bound too. Sorry im on a vent

I know you don't mean that about all men. After all There are wimps too. Plus the in between man who will hit something else to avoid hitting you. That's a good man. When he's really mad and just has to hit something and he hits the wall instead of you. It means he knows it's wrong and he doesn't want to do it. Or at least that's what I used to think. Actually men who hit anything are abusive, because they're scaring you while they hit it, right? IT's a scare tactic. But they are good men besides that. They just lose it sometimes but you can totally punish him for it by not getting scared, instead getting angry. Hell, beat on him with something if he almost hits you. It'd suprise him wouldn't it?


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