Am I abused?

Hi guys, so I'm not really sure if I'm being abused or not. My family is pretty **bleep**ed up. I have 3 brothers and don't really get along with them. Two younger 1 older and I'm going into my junior year of highschool. I really don't get along with my dad, I resent him for smoking (i don't want him to get cancer hes selfish he promised when i was 6 he would stop my mom recently had breast cancer) and drinking a lot. Occasionally when we get into it fighting wise he'll grab me by the cheeks really hard and squish my lips together with his hand and scream at me. Usually calling me a disppointment and barking at me telling me I'm stupid. Sometimes he'll yank my hair. Sometimes he'll slap me. One time he threw me to the ground and just kept slapping my face and hitting me. But thats only sometimes. Once a month at the most. I'm so torn because somedays I love him and somedays I hate him. I isolate myself heavily from my family and spend most days in my room procrastinating on tumblr and watching movies locked up. I barely talk to my family. I'm severely depressed but undiagnosed. I've also been cutting on and off for the past 3 years and am pretty suicidal. 


Yes, you are being abused. You physically and emotionally being abuse. Talk to a teacher, school counselor, or trusted adult about everything that has happened. Make sure that you tell them exactly as things happened and don't hold things back because you are afraid of getting your parents in trouble. I was about at age 6 and I only recently remembered. Telling about the abuse is the best thing I have ever done.

If you would like to talk more, just shoot me an email:

talk to someone about this. its not right that your going through this. yes you are being abused.?

I agree with the other girls this abuse. If home schooled or for some reason can't get help from a school counseller try going to childs aid if you are still under age or when things get bad go to a local bussiness and see if you can call the cops from there.

Yeah this is abuse and you should be careful before it goes to another extend. You should discuss about this with your teachers. It is not safe to stay like this because you have said that he has the habit of drinking. Once a man is drunk, he doesn't know what's happening around and it may lead to some serious issue with you. So please be careful and keep a safe distance when he's drunk. Also a grown up girl should not be beaten or abused. If you do not feel safe, you can complain about this to cops.

Im also abused and i have the same problems as you it has never stopped for me and it affects me badly..i dont know if i should just end it all

It's okey, I'm abused as hell too, have Anxiety, Depression, am really suicidal but don't .......don't kill yourself if you're abused like me, it's just not the best way.


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