I feel non-deserving of my pain...

When I was young, maybe 4 or 5, my uncle touched me. He didn't rape me, but just touched me. Touched me "down there". And made me touch him "down there". It lasted like a half hour. It happened only once, when we were home alone. As soon as my grandma got home, I told her. He got arrested, and is now in prison for what he did to me, and others. It happened only once... and barely anything happened. He only touched me. And now when I think about it, and I cry, or when I think aobut it, and want to hit something, I feel like I don't deserve to feel bad about what happened. Like I'm "lucky" because that's all he did. Worse things have happened to so many people, and I just got touched. Once. And I feel horrible because I feel horrible about what happened to me. 

Even if it was something minor, it still happened. I've had a couple of close calls before, and I still think about them and it still scares me sometimes. 


Sexual abuse isn't something you can just forget, and you're right, no one deserves to go through this. But it's obviously still a painful memory for you... and that's not your fault. You're going to feel bad sometimes, but the best thing you can do is think positive thoughts for yourself.

dont feel bad its his fault i been touched on as a lil girl its not cool 


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