teen sexually harassed by a minor? please reply!

when i went on a trip to england with my school, we all stayed at english families' houses. 

my classmate and i stayed at a mother's home with her 2 children.

i was 12 at the time and one of her sons was barely 10 i suppose. 

but he unbottoned my shirt and did things that made me feel extremely violated.

he also forced brutal kisses and i couldn't really do much about it cos i was young myself 

and didn't know how to stop him other than back away quickly. 

he didn't cross lines such as touching me down there, yet i felt awful about it for 2 whole years.

mainly because i felt embaressed that such a young kid managed to do that to me.


i don't have a trauma, i just wish i would've told his mother. especially cos when i backed away,

he pouted and was like "the other girls who stayed here last month always let me do that!!"

so he wasn't only behaving this way towards me. and seemingly got away with it before?!


my question is...was that sexual harassment? he was clearly mentally and biologically younger

than me, except for that sexual aspect. i always acted cute like he wasnt gonna do anything, but when

i came closer he immediately grabbed party of my body any second he got the chance. he was a horrible

deceiving brat!


it just makes me so angry and aggressive sometimes. like, i dont even have the right to feel bad about it anymore

cos ive grown up to be a confident young lady and looking back, he was just a young boy exploring sexuality i suppose.

idk why its so present in my mind again all of a sudden. i just wanted to tell someone. 




Any kind of sexual touching that is unwarranted or makes you feel uncomfortable is sexual harrassment. If that person is well aware of their actions, then they are guilty. I suppose now, there isn't much you can do about it... And I'm sorry it happened, you were young so you weren't exactly sure what to do. I suppose if her son ever got caught doing it, you could testify against him. 


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