when i was 6 messed around w 7yr old bro
This has been haunting me my whole lifeWhen I was in preschool (4yrs old) my brother and I learned from my friends siblings about sex. He and my friend were both 5 and I remember sitting in her room while they got naked and got under the covers. They didn't do anything but just lay there. When I told my parents they were so mad not only because of what was happening but because they are muslim and believe it to be one of the ultimate sins right up there with murder, in adults of course (i have since left the religion, partially because their views about child rearing and sex). When I was 6 my mom was taking a shower and my brother (7 at the time) and I made a fort. He told me he could make his penis stand up, and he gave himself an erection by rubbing his penis. It was not sexual, we just thought it was funny. we started talking about sex (which we had both seen and especially heard my parents do too many times, they left the door open and their bed was LOUD, and the bathroom was right next to their room). We ended up getting naked and "rubbing" genitals. my mom caught us and freaked out really bad. I almost feel like if she hadnt freaked out so badly i probably would have just forgotten the experience by now. she kept asking me about it that day and for hours i watched her flip out and almost cry it seemed to last forever and i kept apologizing i felt like i had just killed someone. She had a prayer she used to say for us after that incident and that just made it worse because every time id see her saying it id be reminded of what I did and I would feel terrible, like god hated me and I was disgusting. because i think about it so much i remembered a time that id forgotten long ago when my parents my brother and i were in the living room and we saw people kissing on tv and were giggling and pecked each other twice or 3 times on the lips, it was not sexual at all we thought it was funny. Im in college now and 21 years old, ive been living with my brother for 3 years because my parents are super controlling and threaten to cut me off all the time if i dont do exactly what they want me to. we were always very close growing up, but there is this certain awkwardness i still feel with him sometimes because of that incident. weve never talked about it but I know he remembers it too, it was just too scarring and extreme for him not to. I know it was not done with a sexual motivation, we werent "horny", but I feel awful just the same. I dont want to go to counseling or at least not now, this is the first time im ever talking about it, ive never told ANYONE about it because I am so ashamed and afraid of looking screwed up or gross. All I want to know for now is that someone understands what Im going through... I dont really need advice about anything, I just want to feel like im not so alone
You are not alone! And not weird! It's really, really common: http://www.springerlink.com/content/qg7tu631r7503228/The book costs like, $35 to download, but here's a summary:In a survey of 796 undergraduates at six New England colleges and universities, 15% of the females and 10% of the males reported some type of sexual experience involving a sibling. Fondling and touching of the genitals were the most common activities in all age categories. One-fourth of the experiences could be described as exploitative either because force was used or because there was a large age disparity between the partners. Reactions to the experiences were equally divided among those who considered them positive and those who considered them negative. Females were more likely than males to have been exploited and feel badly about it. Few participants of either sex ever told anyone. The research finds evidence that such experience may have long-term effects on sexual development. Females who report sibling sexual experiences, both positive and negative, have substantially higher levels of current sexual activity. Their level of sexual self-esteem may also have been affected, but more selectively. Those with positive sibling experiences after age 9 have more sexual self-esteem. However, experiences with much older siblings taking place before age 9 are associated with generally lower levels of self-esteem and no increase in current sexual activity.You were kids and you were learning about your bodies. I hope you feel better <3
When I was about six I had my cousin over for the holidays. We though sex was a funny thing. I used to kiss him, and I would only do it because we would make him do things for us. Until one day we decided to get naked under the covers and my sister caught us. We don't ever talk about it because it is gross, and we were so young. I don't try to remember it, but it was a scarring memory. Your not alone, I am scarred on this subject also.
thank you so so much! you made me feel so much better. I stopped checking this post for a while because I didn't think I would get a response. I really appreciate it though!
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Im sorry but thats funny :L
I do know what you mean I experienced the same thing and dont knw what 2 do im so scared that ill go to hell

Woah. I seriously thought I was the only one, or that only sick, future-weirdo-children experienced this. It does make a lot more sense now. Kids are exploring their bodies at a young age on an innocent level. This makes me feel so much better. This is why I love gURL. <3

 I swear to god on everything I love... i thought I was the only one......

Me and my cousin did this... rubbed gentials nd he "played" with my boobs... but we were a little older than you..



man.. i really thought i was alone!

I had something very similar happen to me when I was five. My cousin who is six monthes older than me had been exposed to his dad watching porn. He touched me and repeatedly asked me to put his penis in my mouth until I did and then he got me to do it to my other cousin who was three at the time. My other cousin (the three year old) told his mom about it and I got screamed at and smacked by my mother when she found. I was so confused and felt so bad inside for years. It was traumatic and I struggled sexually my entire life because of that expierence, so I fully understand where you are coming from.

You aren't alone. I am here to talk to. I have a half-brother who is 11 years older than me and a little sister who is 2 years younger than me. I have never done anything with my brother but I did something with my sister when I was little. I told her to stick her tongue out and I stuck mine out. I licked her tongue. It was like sword fighting with tongues. I saw stuff on tv and just didn't understand it I guess. I have NEVER EVER said that before. It haunts me sometimes but I have to remind myself tha tI was a young child, about 4 or 5 and the time, and I didn't know what I was doing. Also, it was not out of sexual desire, it was curiosity and my sister did not say no. She thought it was funny.

If you want to talk, shoot me an email at cmonster1018@yahoo.com

OK I'm going to tell you that you are not perfect and everyone around you is not perfect and that you did was wrong but you where young you need to know that God still loves you and its never too late to ask for forgiveness and that you need to start to forgive your self because that will just bring you down about yourself you are beautiful and So worth it So just forget about it because everyone has done something that has really annoyed us and believe me I have done So many horrible things that I dearly regret, like I have guy a blow when I was 8 how bad do thing I feel when I was just 8 I didn't even know what I was doing. So you need to forgive and forget

I have done a similar thing with my sister we used to lick each others tongue  for same reason we thought it was fun and it felt so weird.

gURLstaff-Rachel wrote:

This link doesn't work anymore, and I'd really like to see the information you are citing! Can you provide an updated link please?

You shouldn't`t feel ashamed about it.I grew up in a very sheltered place where it was only okay for men to talk about sex (no matter the age) but if a women did it it was taboo,Me and my cousin did the same thing a few times and got cot.We where yelled and screamed at and told we where going to hell which strangle only made us sneak around and do it.I`ve always said it someone had took the time out and explained it to us then we wouldn't`t have done it


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