pedophile councillor

i dont know where to put this but basically my friend would see her school therapist twice a week and there was a huge room for it but everytime she would have a session with him he would always take her into a different room that was really small and far away from all the other classes and he would only do this with her. Anytime she would cry he would start from her knee up to her vagina and rub it, he never touched the inside of her vagina because she was wearing tights and a skirt but he would go under her skirt, nothing went further than that because she stopped going to him but it creeps me out so much the fact that he'd do that and who knows if he took things way further and his intentions werent to comfort her and the fact he gets off skot free but at the same time it was ages ago and she doesnt want anyone to know because she doesnt want to get parents involved or the principal

She absolutely needs to tell her principal, like now! If not for herself then for other girls he may hsve done it to or will in the future. Teachers have been fired for this. This is criminal.?


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