Abortion and emotions

I am 20 years old and recently found out I was pregnant with my boyfriend of 4 years's baby. We are both students working so hard to get to our dream jobs so with this and emotional and physically not stable enough to have a baby we decided to have an abortion. I went in to get a scan and to have a medical abortion and found out I was to far along! This terrified me and broke my heart knowing id have to wait and the pain and fear would continue. A week later i went and had a surgical abortion (which physically was no where near as bad as expected).?

After i was relieved and i dont regret my decision for us to have an abortion. Now its 2 weeks later and all the symptoms I was getting after the abortion have stopped and its left me feeling lost. I dont regret the abortion at all! but me and my boyfriend have dealt with it completely differently he wants to try and forget and us move on but i just cant. I feel sad and find myself getting upset about it all but without regretting it im just confused! had my first night out since and ended up just wanting to go home to my boyfriend and cry like i almost felt guilty for enjoying myself after this? has anyone else had no regret having and abortion but also felt sad or guilty? how to i overcome it?

i have no regrets and want to move one without forgetting but i just dont know how?


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