My Medical Abortion Story

Hi everyone.

I saw on here one girl put her experience of her Surgical Abortion on here, since I am going through my Medical Abortion I thought I would share my experience.

First, I am 25, trying to go back to school and starting a new relationship. We did not plan or expect for me to get pregnant and we did discuss what we wanted to do before we got to our decision. I went to the dr for birth control when I found out I was pregnant.

So just a quick rundown before I get to everything- different states have different requirements before you get an abortion. So if you are thinking of getting one, contact your local abortion clinic and they will give you all the information you need. With my home state you have to have an initial visit. They did my medical history, had me sign papers making sure I understood everything, did blood work (finger prick), counseling and then I talked to the DR about what is best for me and then you cant have the second app until its been 24 hrs so you can make sure this is what you want. I was not 6 weeks when I found out I was pregnant so I was a candidate for a Medical Abortion.

My second appointment all we did was go to a back room and they handed us the first pill (Mifepristone). This pill stops the fetus from growing. EVERY FEMALE IS DIFFERENT, but with this pill I had no reaction. Nothing happened that I could tell/feel.  Before I left the clinic the DR gave us prescriptions for nausea and pain and the second part of the abortion pill.  I took both 30-45 mins before I took the second pill. The second pill is (Misoprostol). I have read different things about the second pill (insert orally or vaginally). With my experience it was orally. They said to keep 2 pills on each side of your mouth for 30 mins- no food or drink.Then swallow what was left..

This is where my experience comes in and remember... EVERY FEMALE REACTS DIFFERENTLY!

After I took the 4 pills, waited 30 mins and then swallowed-- 2 mins later I threw up everything. In a panic I called the clinic and asked if I literally just screwed up everything.. thankfully the lady said "as long as I kept the meds in my mouth for 30 mins, its fine that I threw up and that it was in my system"  before I could even get off the phone with her, I felt a twinge in my lower stomach. I took the pills at 2, 2:33 I threw everything up and by 2:40 I started to feel a tiny twitch. Well between 2:40 and 4:30 I slept waiting for something to happen. Around 4:30 my stomach started to cramp and I had to go to the bathroom. I had the worst upset was like a water faucet. While I was on the commode I could feel things come out of my vagina. I wiped and sure enough it was blood.  I put a pad on my underwear and went to lay down.. thats when the worst part started to happen. I had an extreme amount of stomach cramps. It was painful and does not happen to every female..we are all different. From 4:45-8:00 I had really bad cramps. I could not get comfortable or get any relief from the pain. Yes I had pain pills but I also have a high pain tolerence and for pain pills to really work on me I would have to take a HIGH amount and Im not someone who even takes pain pills so I only took 1 pill every 4 hours. Between 4:45-8:00 i made several trips to the bathroom since my stomach was upset and I had to change pads a couple of times. Yes there was blood clots but I did not see anything in the form of a fetus. That is a big scare to some is seeing something. I went to sleep around 8:00 and my wonderful boyfriend left me in the care of my mom and made his 2 hour trip back to his house. I slept from 8pm-8:45am!  When I woke up I had a somewhat big mess on my hands.. I did not wake up during the night to change pads, so I had bled through the pad, underwear and got some on my sheets.  I advise anyone to sleep on 2 towels and to try and wake up to change throughout the night.  After I cleaned up the mess I realized I feel pretty much like myself today. My stomach does twinge a bit from time to time..but its like a normal period cramp.  Today at 2 I have to take the other 4 abortion pills. The DR calls them assurance pills to make sure everything goes out fine. It should not hurt like it did yesterday.   I am however nervous since I am not sure what really happens.. I will be sure to document how it goes down though.

I feel like anyone going through this should see different experiences because there is so many out there online that are 1 full of crap or 2 not that informative. I searched for peoples experiences for days before my first appointment, muchless the second appointment and didnt come up with much at all. I don't have anyone I know who has gone through this, although I am not alone while going through it, I do slightly feel like I am alone.  

I will say with all honesty that this was the best decision my boyfriend and I have made. I do not regret choosing this and I feel no remorse for it.. With that said.. I DO HATE IT HAPPENED. Birth Control works and I should have been on it before having sex!  If you cannot afford Birth Control contact your local Health Dept and they might have more information to go on to get it at a sliding scale rate! 

I hope this helps anyone going through the decision process. I do not want to scare anyone off by telling my experience but IT IS 100% TRUTHFUL.  I do not belive in sugarcoating anything.

Okay to all.. I took the other 4 pills at 2pm today. 

Since I threw up everything yesterday I decided today I would take the 4pills, wait 30 mins and then take the pain pill. It worked much better today! The symptoms have not been near as bad as they were yesterday! I had some harsh cramps, lots of gas and more bleeding around 4:30. I felt good enough today to go to a family members sporting event (only 2 hours and right by my house).  I did take another pain pill before the sporting event just because I knew it wouldnt knock me out and so if i did start hurting it wouldnt be as noticable to my family members (only my mom and boyfriend know). Right now its almost 10pm and I do have some harsh cramps..they are nothing that I am not use to from a normal period cramp. The bleeding comes and goes like a heavy period.. tonight I will have two towels on my bed since I have to go to work tomorrow.  Hopefully I will be able to do my job with no issues!

I hope all this helps someone.. whether or not they actually have an abortion.  Personally, I looked for someones experience and couldnt find one until I stumbled across this website (which it was too late for me by then ha). Anyway.. always remember.. EVERY FEMALE HAS A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE! Things could be much less or more detailed than mine. Also, try to get on some type of birth control!

Hello all.. 

It it has been a week since taking the first pill and thought I should give you a few updates. First off.. I took the first pill and they sent me home with prescriptions and the bottle of the second pills that I took the next day. I didn't really clarify that in the first message I wrote. You take 4 of the second pills and then 4 the 3rd day. Sorry for not making that simpler. 

Anywho, since it's been a week after I thought I would tell you how it's been since, if you've done your research the medical abortion is not a simple quick fix. I have had a good amount of bleeding, major cramps the 3rd and 4th day after the pills. Today is day 7 and I had cramps so bad I was in tears and actually took a pain pill.. Didn't do much for me but something is better than nothing! I also have passed a ton of clots.. Some really big and some small. My last appointment (the check up) is in over a week and I will document it for anyone to look at if they are in need of the truth like I was!  Like I always say NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME EXPERIENCES...I don't tell this to scare anyone away.  

Thank God I have my friend Skyla in me.


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