Ive had an abortion, and am now a post abortion counselor

Hey everyone!
I had a gurl account when I found out I was pregnant four years ago. I wrote out my fears, my hopes, and my dreams as I prepared to do something I never imagined I could-have an abortion. Four years later and I have been through it all, unimaginable regret, relief, confusion, anger, fear, and guilt. As well as a new found sense of womanhood, maturity, value, and a strong belief that the way our society talks about aboriton is harmful.
Abortion is always framed in a choice/life lense and that often leaves very little room for real people to share openly and candidly about their HUMAN expereince with abortion (not just the political one.)
I set out on a quest to be a safe person for all people to share all abortion expereinces, reactions, and emotions with. I became a counselor for the Pro Voice talk line, Exhale https://exhaleprovoice.org/. I then traveled the country with Exhale sharing my own aboriton experience and spreading awareness about my compassionate approach to people with abortion experiences. Here is a blog I run where all feelings are valid, heard, and understood. http://provoicesupportblog.tumblr.com/ I'd love to become involved on Gurl again and also wanted to reach out and offer a few more resources. Please dont hesistate to reach out to me if you want to talk or have questions, supporting people is my passion in life, and I am here for you.
<3 -Kate


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