I noticed this board does not have a lot of activity, Im hoping its becuase more people have taken control of their bodies and found a good form of birth control and not becuase of the stigma associated with abortion. 

My name is Veronica, i'm 23 years young and ive been with my boyfriend for five years. Im a PICU nurse. And April 22 I had a surgical abortion. I do not regret it, im not running down the street bragging about it but i do not regret it. It was a hard decision but it was the right one. My abortion was not complicated, in fact it was very simple. I found out I was pregnant and two days later I had an abortion. Sure I think "what ifs" alot but being pregnant would emotionally kill me right now. So to all you strong smart women out there making a tough decision I support you, you know whats right for your body. 

If anyone else feels like introducing themselves go ahead! If anyone wants to talk privatly feel free to message me!

Thank you for posting this!  I also hope this board lacks activity because people are being responsible and not because of the stigma, but the lack of activity still makes me feel more alone in my decision.

Its a hard decision, I often feel alone even though my boyfriend was very supportive. However he writes it off. We dont talk about it. Ever. He acts like it never happened and sometimes that hurts me becuase it did happen and now its a huge part of who I am. Feel free to message me whenever! 


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