My story

It was Easter sunday. 4/20/14 I was a day late but I knew something was up. I'd been saying for the past week I think im preg. So at work that night I took a preg test from the lab, damn those two little lines that showed up right away. I was a mess, but i managed to tell my shift supervisor who i'm very close with and to my surprise she shared her story with me. I took a break around midnight and called my boyfriend, he was angry at first telling me it wasnt his. I knew I couldnt keep it, I had a surgery coming up that i'd waited forever for. Later the morning (I work 7p to 7a) my shift supervisior came to me with a piece of paper, it was a name and a phone number of the place she went to. I called them at 9am and had an appointment booked for tuesday morning. I spoke to my boyfriend and he agreed to take me and pay for it. I went back to work monday night, shakey and nervous. The hardest part was not being able to eat or drink after midnight. Tuesday morning I went home and showered and then drove over to my boyfriends house. I let him drive my car. We got there around 845, the protestors outside called me a "murderer" I filled out all the paper work, then had to go provide a urine sample. After that they called us up for a payment it was 460$. Then they called me back again and they did an ultrasound confrimed that I was 3 weeks (i knew that becuase the i'd only had sex once since my last period) then they drew blood, then I was taken into a back office where we filled out all sorts of paper work. The worst was when I had to sign that if something happened I did not want to be on life support, even though the nurse told me thats never happened. Then she informed me that i'd be completely asleep during the procedure which made me really happy becuase I was starting to get nervous. Then I was taken downstairs where I changed into a gown and got my vital signs taken. Thats when I started to get nervous. After I got changed I was instructed to go to the bathroom and then waited in a room with three other girls. They were all called first, then it was my turn. I was taken into a procedure room signed a few more papers. Met my doctor, then I got on the table and put my feet into these stirrups but they werent like regular ones, they had to use some straps to keep my legs still. Then the nurse started an IV, and I was put to sleep. I woke up in recovery room crying, but after every surgery i've woken up crying the drugs do something to me. The nurse gave me some tyenol and then my boyfriend met me at the door. We stopped at Mcdonalds and then I went home and went to sleep. My experience was positive. I dont regret it, however I do think about it alot. I dont think it had any negative affects on my relationship if any it made it stronger. So for all you women making a hard decision right now I support you, you know whats right for you. Its not an easy decison and the way society looks upon women who've had abortions is terrible. But I know it takes guts and your brave and strong. 


Thank you 


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