Abortion Pill...terrified. Please help!!!

Has anyone taken the abortion pill and can tell me their experience? im scheduling an appointment for Planned Parenthood next week and i'm honestly terrified after reading online about other people's experiences. they've said about SEVERE cramps and lots of vomiting. i have a very low tolerance for pain and i'm crying just thinking about it. i'm 19 years old and i'm not sure how far along i am...but my period has been missed for almost 2 weeks.

I used that method. for me the experence wasnt bad. i had some bad cramping but no vomiting and they give you pain pills to help with the cramping. just use them how they say and have a heating pad. the cramping I experenced wasnt unbearable.

I Had a pill abortion in January, at seven weeks and two days.  After I took the first pill, I felt really sick the next day.  Two days after taking the first pill, I took the second pill.  A couple hours after taking the second pill, I started having cramps and bleeding.  Later in the day, the cramps were pretty severe and I was bleeding a lot.  Where I live there is only one clinic and they did not give me pain pills.  I took ibuprofen but honestly it didn't help a lot.  I bled like I was having my period for a couple days and then had spotting and occasional light bleeding for a few weeks afterward.  But like the girl above me said, the cramping wasn't unbearable.  It did suck though. 


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