this isn't abortion it's about a miscarriage
i didn't know where to put this girls so i'm sorry if its in the wrong place. a few years ago when i was younger i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. i had taken the morning after pill before and had horrible cramps and my period started early. but one particular time my friend told me to take the morning after pill when it was almost a week or two after the unprotected sex. which i know was wrong and wouldn't have any effect. but the problem is i remember being really "late" and one day i had horrible cramps and noticed a big pinkish white tissue that came out of me. i thought it was from a heavy period but my period didn't start right away after this. did i miscarry? i never gave it much thought, but now it scares me. i feel like i should have gone to the doctor, but i was so stupid for not doing so. and i feel guilty...even though it really isn't my fault i do feel guilty somehow. i need some advice? thanks.
Hi my name is Karma ,
For starters hunni don't feel guilty ok. Yu were young we all make mistakes.I have had 2 miscarriages one of which they told me I could of died because I bled out so much and I bled like that for 2months I felt horrible everyday and I was weak from losing so much be honest I don't believe you had a miscarriage hun but you can go to the doctor because it's possible you could have , you know some of us can miscarry and mistake it for a period can ask your doctor to run some test on you because it's possible for them to see if you were ever pregnant because even after a pregnancy the body still carries something in the blood that only a person that has carried a child would have...and they can examine you to see if you ever conceived at some point...but remember don't feel bad you didn't do anything wrong ok your welcome to write me anytime ok I hope I helped :)
Thanks for the advice! I'm not 100 percent sure what happened but thank you. And it helps getting advice from someone who has gone through the same experience
O it's no problem anyway I kan help I'm willing to do... If yu need to tlk more I'm here hun ! :)

maybe but the day after pill is not an abortion pill 

I been havin unprotected sex with my bf a lot. He sed it wus safe becoz I only just started been havin my period 3 month ago.
I wus so scard becoz i didnt get my period 4 a wile n I cudnt tell no 1 bout it.
my bf is like a lot olda n OMG I wus worried becoz i mite get him in trouble.
i stll kep haven sex wit him becoz I didnt wanna him get upset n stuf
I got my period wile he wus inside of me n we wus havin sex. Like u sed it hurt like hell n I had so much cramps n stuf n clots in my period.
I wus so scard :(  I hope it dont happen again  :( it wus so horribel


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