I Had An Abortion Today

Hey gurls. I barely get on here. I've just been a lurker for years, reading posts, and such. I decided to share my experience with everyone here since I had an abortion today. I'm 20 years old, by the way. I'm in college, and this was not the time to have a baby.


I woke up early this morning around 7am, couldn't really sleep because I was anxious and scared. I left my house around 9:30am. My boyfriend drove and my mom came, too. I went to this abortion clinic called the Potomac Family Planning Center, 45 minutes from my house. We arrived around 10:20am. My appointment was at 10:30am, but I knew that we would be there for a few hours before the actual surgery. When I went into the office, I signed in and signed some forms. After that, my family was sent to go upstairs while I was downstairs. I did a urine sample and a blood sample. Then I had a sonogram, which was uncomfortable. I was very cranky at this point because I hadn't eaten anything since 11pm last night.


After that, I was sent upstairs and sat with my family. I waited for a while before I was called into the counselor's office. She had me read and sign a few forms, and asked me if anyone was forcing me into this abortion. Of course, I said no. She was basically telling me how everything would go before and leading up to the abortion. At the end of our session, she asked me if I had anymore questions. I asked if I could see the sonogram picture, and she actually showed me. The fetus was so small. She was looking at me like I was gonna change my mind, but nah, I just wanted to see it.


After that, I waited for about an hour for them to call me downstairs. Before I went, she gave me some Ibuprofen and I sat back down. Then they called me, I said bye to my mom and boyfriend, and went downstairs. A nurse was waiting for me. I was in a closet basically, and I was told to take all my clothes off, put the gown on, and the slippers, and then wait there. I was very scared at this point. After about 15 minutes, they were ready for me. I went into the room, laid down, and put my feet on the stirrups. It was really frightening. There were four doctors in there, two men, and two women. They were asking me all kinds of questions. I could barely answer, as I was very nervous.


The female nurse was asking me if I'm a student, where I'm from, ect. She could barely hear me though, because my voice was so soft and shaky. I'm pretty sure she was just asking those questions to distract me from my worries. A doctor put my IV in, and all I remember is the nurse holding my hand saying, "Everything is going to be okay." Then I woke up in the recovery room. It was so fast. They had me get off the bed, and sit on a couch. They gave me a blanket. I was talking to a girl next to me, we were both so high.


They told me to use the bathroom and change my pad, then had me go into the dressing room and put my clothes on. After that, a nurse was asking me questions about my bleeding. I told her it was very light. Very mild cramping. I ate crackers and cookies. It seemed so good because I hadn't eaten anything in over 24 hours. Then she called my mom and boyfriend, and walked me outside. I said thank you, and we left.


After that, we went to KFC. I wanted to start off small, so I got mashed potatoes and a biscuit. It was so good. Anyways, it was a good experience overall. The place is nice and the staff is so friendly, but I hope I never have to go there again, except for my two week check up, haha. I have no regrets, and I know that I made the right decision. I'm glad that women have the right to have a choice such as abortion. No one should be forced into carrying the baby to term if they don't want to. And my final thoughts are: I'm never having sex again! Or at least until I'm married. I mean, look what it got me into. Not worth it.


Anyone who is looking into having an abortion should know that it's not always a bad experience like some of the horror stories you read. As long as you find a good place with good doctors, everything should be okay. I hope I helped someone out there that is considering abortion, and sorry for this being so long! :)



Wow. That was very informative. I'm sure a lot of gURLs will appreciate you sharing your story. Really sheads some light on the subject because it's hard to know what to expect... I mean you can look up the technical procedure all you want, it wont really tell you how it will feel to be in the situation. So, thanks for sharing! I'm a lesbian and don't have sex with men.... so I'll probably never have to worry about this, but still.

I'm super late, but thank you for replying. I will have to add, that I do have my ups and downs often times and think "what if", but overall it was still a good experience.

Thanks for the positive story. I had a surgical abortion and it was not a bad experience. I was treated very well by the doctor. It only took a fefew short minutes as he vacuumed my uterus. It didnt hurt at all. I watched tv in the recovery room for a few minutes and then went home.
I only bled for a few days and didnt experience any pain. That was many years ago and I still do not regret it.

I'm happy that you shared your story :) It's nice to hear positive reactions from this kind of stuff. I think people need to stop scaring teens about abortions, that's just my opinion. And plus it also depends on where you and I'm glad that you got a safe abortion. Props to you for being brave ;)

sorry i meant to say it depends on where you go hahaha my sentence got cut off xP

You're awesome! And glad all is well *hugs*

I'm really glad you had such a normalizing and some what calm expereince. You deserve that. You truly know yourself and what you need in your life. You know what is best for you, and you have awesome people supporting you to do just that. Youre so brave for sharing your story, it helps people feel less alone, and helps de stigmaztize abortion as a whole. You go girl!

This makes me start to think maybe surgery would have been a better choice for me, however the prospect of surgery terrifes me! I had my abortion a year ago through the pill, it was quite painful and I threw up a few times however when the nurse told me that some people said that it wasn't as bad as their normal periods I couldn't help but laugh and feel sorry for them, however I can say my pain threshold has increased a bit thanks to that so it wasn't all bad.

I know it's an older post, but thank you very much for sharing this. I could have really used this kind of reassurance before.

I love this. Honestly this should be posed and hung in a planned parenthood. Maybe they wouldnt get so much $hit. I loved reading this.

Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to share mine. I didn't have a perfect figure during my teenage. And it was my boyfriend who forced me to undergo a tummy tuck procedure in Toronto as he wants me to have a slim and beautiful tummy. We were happy with the results and had intercourse at least once in a month. I'm 21 years old now. My periods were late and as expected the pregnancy test came out to be positive. I didn't know what to do. My parents were against this relationship and I couldn't tell my parents regarding this. And when I informed my boyfriend regarding this he just walked away. I was really shocked by his attitude and I learned that he cheated on me. It was really unbearable.I had done everything to make him happy and even undergone a plastic surgery for him. And I had no other way other than opening up to my parents. They didn't expect this from me. But at last they suggested me a way out. ABORTION!!!?And I dont feel guilty about it sometimes I feel a pain inside my heart. I was in a depression and attended many counselling session to get back to normalcy. But even now when I see a baby, something is pricking my heart.?

If you don't mind me asking how many weeks along were you when you had the abortion?

Wow! WAY better than mine. I had a medical abortion and it sucked! I was in so much pain and bled for a whole month! Bleh!


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