I am in 10th grade,and began getting homeschooled back in October. Ever since then I've been doing drugs pretty bad. It's gotten better, but at first I was out of control. I would huff 3 cans of air duster with my friends until we would all pass out on A DAILY BASIS, drink almost every weekend,pop any pills I could get, and constantly smoke weed. When I was in school, Friday was my ONLY party day, the rest of the weekend I would take time to relax and have time to myself. But now that I'm homeschooled, I barely do work and only do drugs. I've stopped the pills and air duster, but pot is the only thing i do on a daily basis now. I've noticed my depression is worse too, but its too far into the school year and im so behind i cant just go back to public school. What should I do, see a doctor about my depression or try to get things done on my own?

Oh hun is that a picture of you? you're so beautiful, and you're not alone there are many who suffer similarly.

No one gets well on their own. You need the support of others who are in the same boat. Together you discover it's OK to have problems. Being homeschooled may lead to less interaction with peers, and you need positive connections with peers to feel OK about having problems, which is the first step towards detaching from the problem so you can see it more clearly for what it is. Don't let your problems define who you are; we are not "addicts", we are people who have a problem with addiction, but we're sill people. Also beware of becoming isolated. No one gets well on their own.

Here's another secret you need to know which will help greatly in understanding yourself. Our brain has a primitive emotional part which just wants what feels good and doesn't think rationally about anything else. We also have another part of our brain (the frontal lobe) which is the part that thinks rationally and knows drugs are bad. Our primitive emotional brain part gets a taste of drugs and that's all it wants more of. Our rational part knows drugs are bad. Our brain is constantly making decisions, what to do? Who will win?

Here's a short parable:

"Once upon a time, or so the Cherokee legend goes, a young Indian boy received a beautiful drum as a gift. When his best friend saw it, he asked if he could play with it, but the boy felt torn. He didn't want to share his new present, so he angrily told his friend, "No!" His friend ran away, and the boy sat down on a rock by the stream to contemplate his dilemma. He hated the fact that he had hurt his friend's feelings, but the drum was too precious to share. In his quandary, he went to his grandfather for advice.

The elder listened quietly and then replied, "I often feel as though there are two wolves fighting inside me. One is mean and greedy and full of arrogance and pride, but the other is peaceful and generous. All the time they are struggling, and you, my boy, have those same two wolves inside you."

"Which one will win?" asked the boy.

The elder smiled and said, "The one you feed."

To successfully overcome addiction you have to strengthen the rational part of your brain so it can overpower the more primitive emotional desire for more of that instant pleasure that drugs provide (a pleasure which becomes less pleasureable as time goes on, leading to doing harder drugs, seeking that illusive dragon). The brain is like a muscle. When you think a thought, it strengthens and reinforces that thought. Keep exercising a muscle and eventually that muscle becomes strong. Keep thinking a thought over and over and eventually that thought becomes strong.

This is done by daily affirmations. Every day, several times a day to start, say to yourself, out loud, or write it down, anything that activates the thought, the idea, that you want to stay away from drugs. Eventually the thought will become stronger as you activate that thought over and over, and eventually the rational part of your brain will be able to overpower the emotional part of your brain that just wants to do more drugs.

Also, to maintain this, you need to identify and remove the stressor that drove you to do drugs in the first place. Ususally people turn to drugs to escape a crappy life. Something bad, unhappy about their lives they want to escape. Identify that and get it out in the open where you can get a handle on it. (sometimes there is nothing wrong with your life, other than the primitive part of your brain has tasted drugs and just wants more because it's primitive and just wants what feels good right now without thinking about the consequences.)

The other thing to do, which can be very important, is to identify everyone else who is affected by your drug use. Probably your parents know and (unless they have beacoup problems of their own) they are desperate to "fix" you but they don't know how. They need to go to a weekly Nar-Anon meeting for several weeks to learn what to do, which is to take care of themselves first, rather than try to "fix" you, take care of themselves first, then they can accept you as you are, all messed up with problems, but it's OK to be not OK. Nar-Anon will get them out of the tournado they are caught up in, which then allows them to love you and encourage you in a loving way, rather than try to be controlling and "fix" you, which experience has shown doesn't work. So encourage them to go to a Nar-Anon group.

And hopefully there's some sort of teen support group, where you'll find acceptance as you are, no matter where you are in your journey, and that acceptance is what detaches you from your problem so you get yourself out of your own personal tournado, so you can more rationally see and say, "wow, that's quite a tournado I'm caught in." Sure glad I'm surrounded by other people who are as screwded up as I am, or who've been through it and understand, and still accept me as I am right now.

Well that's the basic outline. Best wishes. You sure have a nice photo, such a wonderful beautiful person with so much potential. Chose the wolf you want to win and feed it well.

 try to talk to your family or friends about your situation. maybe your depression got worst because of drug use? i also have a friend who have depression he cope his depression by using drugs and it leads him to addiction. i think you need to seek help i've search this on internet addiction recovery center virginia and it has information about different kind of treatment's.

If you kicked your other habits then you can kick pot. Sometimes when your bodys used to getting high it thinks it depressed even when its not to tell you to get more of the substance your brain thinks it missing. It just your brain playing tricks on you. Have you tryed to taper yourself off of the ganja. In California (once your 18) you can get a card for pot because of depression. So it like your self medicating, marijuana can be thearputic but any substance in excess can cause imbalances in our brains. It levels back out. If I were you I'd try to less up on the smoking stay postive don't judge yourself so hard and keep trying in school, you'd be surprised how easy it can be to make up lost credits. I tested out of high school because i got so far behind and accually graduated early. I don't if your state has it but in California its called a high equaliancey test and is the same as a GED in your home state but you can test out while your still a minor. Good luck, you can do and don't listen to the haters.

Only u can get urself out of this depression. Weed is calm drug but since you've been doing it since u were young ur not emotionally stabley . U smoke weed and u rely on a high to make u feel good. Popping pills defitnetly can cause downers. Just stay away from drugs and try to stay positive. U need to b strong for yourself.


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