how to keep from giving in?

I have cut down my drinking a lot in the past year. I drink maybe once a month, just for a buzz, which is a major improvement from where I used to be. I'm a bit worried now though because it's the summer and I'll have more opportunities and free time to drink... and I feel like I'm going to want to drink more again. Any tips on how to avoid giving in to the temptation? thanks! :)

I know you posted this a bit ago but for future reference try doing things like making friends who don't drink either at all or on a regular basis. You can probably meet this new friends at places that don't involve alcohol. Try doing things like working and volunteering to distract you from the temption of drinking as your mind will be on something other than alcohol. I also notice that you are a singer,actress and writer in your siggy try joining group that have to do with your hobbies if you hadn't done so already and try making friends in these groups who will keep you away from alcohol. Don't be afraid to start a friendship off with someone and ask them to hang out at places where there won't be alcohol such as the mall or going out and playing mini-golf. If you feel close enough to your new "friend" tell them about your problem.

You have to take responsibility for your health and well-being. Alcoholism is a disease and it's frustrating, because when you're an alcoholic, you're an alcoholic for the rest of your life. This is something you have to be aware of, and you need to make a conscious decision to choose situations that don't have temptations if you cannot control yourself.



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