hey ladies!before i begin this thread.,please dont judge me!! if you think you will then just stop reading it starting now... alright so this is a big deal to me and im pretty sure i have a problem with it, well you see, ever since i was around 13 or 14 years old i started sending dirty pictures to guys i knew from friends of mine or from the area i went to school with until they dropped out or moved away, anywhos! ive been with the same guy for 2 years and 5 months and he knows i have a problem with sexting, ive sexted at least maybe 30 guys in that time period and before i got with my boyfriend now.... now i dont know why i have a addiction ive always been the type of girl to be good and not do things i shouldnt do or that i know is **bleep**ed up.! but, this is literally ruining my life and i dont want to continue doing it but i know i cant stop or ill go ladies please dont judge me! i know ive messed up doing it with other guys, but i havent lately since the last guy issue in around january,,but with my boyfriend i still am doing that but i feel like he dont like it cause he never asks or even says anything after he gets the picture usually he changes the subject...HELP;!?????!!!!

I think you need to take a look at what you are doing from another perspective. You find excitement from spending these messages to other men, which means you have a flirty side. Maybe you should try acting out fantasies with your boyfriend? Exchange dirty pictures with the man you are commited to, if he understands what gets you in the mood he will be willing to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. 


However there is probably some more underlying reasons as to why you find this exciting, there is no shame in trying to get help, talk some things over with a doctor or check out a mental health fascility. This does not make you crazy, this makes you stronger than most. 

Kmann03- thank you gurl so much for saying what you think nicely and respectfully. it means a lot for someone to help me with my problem ..i greatly appreciate the response.!

This is just something that you like, and shouldn't have to justify it. What if you are addicted to the reactions that the pictures receive. Try being flirty with the bf in real life.


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