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I am thinking about going to an NA meeting, but I have never been to one before. I kinda just want to check it out. I was addicted to OxyContin for 3 years now and I have been clean for just over a week. I quit cold turkey and moved to a new city to get away from all of it. I just want to know if any of you have gone to the meetings and if you thought it helped or if it was more of a trigger than anything. 

I told my boyfriend I wanted to go and he freaked out and told me I didnt need to. But, he has never been an addict and he just doesnt understand. Its hard for people to understand if they've never been there so talking to people about it is useless. 

Let me know what you think.

from what i've heard, there are different groups depending on where you are, so if you try one and decide you don't fit in with group, try another one. basically from recovering close friends of mine, they said the groups are useless unless you really want to quit, but you've already taken that major step. it's hard for a bf sometimes to understand usually for one of several reasons: if he's there and supports you, he wants to feel like he can help you on his own, and he's afraid that you being surrounded by other recovering addicts will make it worse. some people automatically assume group meetings are as bad as still being addicted. that is far from true. going to meetings will give you a place to talk about what it's like going through it, so you'll also end up putting less of that stress on your bf, and be surrounded by people who do understand. it's a personal choice, but with all those changes in your life recently, it wouldn't hurt to check it out. congratulations again :)
Thank You! And thanks for replying. I'm still thinking about whether or not I want to go, but maybe I'll just go and check it out. That wouldn't hurt.

It's effectiveness really depends a lot on what you choose to make it. Group therapy can work wonders for people, and the beautiful thing about NA (or a similar anonymous group therapy) is that it's free and completely confidential! 


What you're saying here is something I imagine you can find a lot on this board. It's hard talking to people about an addiction when they have never been through it themselves. NA would be an environment of people who are making the choice to improve their lives by getting sober, it's designed to be a supportive environment, and every single person in there has had an addiction to narcotics. Their experiences may not be identical to yours, but I bet someone has had at least one similar experience to you. 


I think that what you're doing is brave. It really sounds like you're making every effort to get sober, and quitting cold turkey takes a great deal of willpower. Even if you find that NA is not something you're interested in doing, I think you should at least give it a chance at least once. 

im 14 i was addictied to bathsalts and inhalents for 3 1/2 years i  was raised in n.a and my mom went ive been going and being a n.a kid sceince i was 2 i relapsed tried to get clean without any help and i went to n.a and i have almost 9 months now YAY you should go there try and find a n.a meeting close by .they really do help and i dont feel or have so much pain with my withdraw  symptoms.

I know this is an older thread, but I'd just like to say that NA meetings are an amazing resource. My boyfriend is a recovering addict and thye have helped him enormously. I dont know why your boyfriend doesnt want you getting off them, but they are extremely dangerous long term.
Unfortunately, its just about impossible to quit narcotics and stay off them with no supplemental medication. Usually when you've been taking narcotics, your body stops producing its own endorphins. Cutting off your bodies only source can really send you downhill. If you have the ability, look into getting therapeutic help (with N.A.) as well as help with medication such as suboxone. Good luck, I hope you are going stong!

Many addicts gain a lot from NA. It can work miracles for people.

I used to attend NA meetings in California when I was in the recovery process, but it didn't help me to cope my addiction. I'm not saying that it's not really work, because other people have been fully recovered after attending NA meetings. So I think it's just really depend on the person, if she/he is really motivated to change. Maybe NA meeting is just not enough for me to recover. Thank God, there are still other drug rehab centers program that helps me cope my addiction. After a long journey, I'm happy to say that I'm 3 years sober and enjoy living free and happy. Recovery is not easy, but it's possible.

What the meetings are good for is they give you a sober activity to meet other people in recover and can help. It just a way to re introduce yourself into your enviroment sober


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