Strange Addiction....

The addiction to this habit is out of control.


At the start of my freshman year of high school, my life and mind was occupied of my family issues. I had previously turn to food but that wasn’t enough. Now here was the birth of my “Habit”.


It all started with new infomercial product “The Bender Ball”. My brother had bought it but never used it so I decided that I would. When I tried it myself it was very difficult. But then somehow, I began to modify it to where I could. (This is a similar description of how I do this now.) Since we had no bed frames, the base of the mattresses was where I put my feet to simulate someone holding my feet as I was doing “sit ups” the bender ball. Now I just get some towels, bundle them up till It is comfortable.


Yup that’s my habit. But that wasn’t all. During my “exercise” I would imagine a story including my self. I would imagine myself in my fantasies. At first it didn’t seem harmful until I saw and felt physical and mental repercussions. Now it is almost the last months of senior year and I need this habit to stop before I ruin my life.


Triggers: MUSIC, STRESS, reality checks, my body, responsibilities, anime (Specifically Yu-Gi-Oh and the Abridged Series )


Physical effects : Backache, Headache, sore neck, painful arch in feet, tiredness.


Mental effects : Highly Emotional, depression


The longest I’ve gone by myself was 4 days and i think that i may have maladaptive daydreaming.

I tried to stop myself but it so hard. I never go out because I’m ashamed. I know I’m not normal even though everybody sees me as it. Please I need advice on how to eliminate this madness!!!!!!!!!!! 

i really don't understand your post that well. i mean all you're doing is exercising right? what's wrong with that?

and like if your mind fantasises while you're doing it, there's nothing wrong with that either.


maybe i'm missing the point here, but like i can't see anything you're doing as an addiction to be ashamed of

Exercise addiction can be really harmful. I dealt with it myself a couple years ago. I have a disorder that causes chronic pain, and I found that exercise made me feel better. Not a problem in moderation, but soon it got out of control. I would purposely overdo it for the endorphins, the natural pain killer your body releases when it is hurt. My mom found out and took me to the dr, who gave me prescription pain medicine and said not to exercise except with a physical therapist. I don't like the medication side effects, but all in all I'm doing a lot better now.
It was a vicious cycle. The exercise helped the pain temporarily, but it also caused damage to my body, which made the pain worse.

Anyone suffering from exercise addiction should see their physician and/or psychologist. It's hard to stop, but worth it in the long run!


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