is it worth it to get "better" when your not sure you where a "real" addict to begin with?

i was just in the psych ward (again, happens to me way too much) but this time they noticed my substance abuse problems. They made a huge deal about it and my parents wanted to send me to long term rehab but i convinced them that I didn't need it, then they found a 2 week program that treats substance abuse and bipolar which would have been perfect had they accepted me (they didn't because they though i needed longer term treatment)

now my issue with this is the fact that I simply dont think I was ever an addict. ya I used more drugs than other people I know and more frequently, ya I had MILD withdrawl symptoms in the hospital, but i dont even know which drug my body had the dependency on, and now that im out in the real world it seems silly to quit and reform my habits when i'm not convinced I had a real problem in the first place.

I KNOW im addicted to cigarettes but thats not a big deal, what I don't know is whether my use of coke and heroin and morphine and oxys and valiems and alcohol and all that was ever an actual problem.

so what do you guys consider to be an actual problem worth reforming?

sounds like a real problem, and it's an even bigger problem than you think because you don't even think it's a problem. doing all those drugs isn't a normal thing people just DO. obviously you have some underlying psychological issues that need attention. i would suggest receiving any help that your parents and/or proffessionals deem necessary, they seem to have your best interests at heart. 

anyone who uses Heroin, NEEDS help to get help to quit ASAP! that KILLS you!!!!!!!!! Over where I'm at, we've lost about 20 people due to heroin overdoses in just two yrs and about 8 of them I went to school with and i'm only 20..... its not hard to accidentally inject too much...and what if you're alone and you die??? or you need medical help or someone to call 911 and your all alone??? is your life really worth dying over some heroin??


thinking you dont have an issue with drugs is crazy...You're mixing too many drugs and your chances of overdosing are quite high...


sorry i chewed you out, but i hate heroin with a flamin passion... its killed TOO many people over here and more are STILL dying from it....


you need to get some type of help.. please... the fact that you even had ANY withdrawals is something that needs to be checked into....

One of the characteristics of an addiction is the presence of withdrawal symptoms. There's no caveat on the relative significance or severity you think they have. It's the presence of withdrawal symptoms, period. 

You don't think your use of cocaine, heroin, and narcotics is an issue? Shocker. Nothing you're doing with them is legal. You probably have a dependency on all of them, seeing as they are all highly addictive. 


"Ya I used more drugs than other people I know and more frequently"


That's true because you're an addict. Plain and simple. The sooner you admit it, the sooner you can get on the right track.


You DO need go to long term rehab.

You DO need to admit that you have a significant problem.

You DO have an "actual problem worth reforming." 

If drugs tend to interfere with your life, then there's most likely a problem.


Even if you're only having mild withdrawal symptoms, that doesn't mean you're not an addict, or even that your addiction is mild. The first time I got into heroin I used it every single day for several weeks and when I stopped I either didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms at all or they were so mild that I didn't notice them.  And if you don't even know which drug your body had the dependancy on, that right there should tell you you're using too many different drugs.


For most people, if they're using all of the drugs you listed, there is a good chance they're an addict.  Sure there are people out there who've tampered with all of them and don't become addicts, but that usually is not the case, especially for someone who is already dealing with mental illness.


You'll also find that MOST substance abuse treatment centers will also be able to help with your bipolar disorder...many treatment centers focus on mental illness alongside substance abuse since many addicts suffer from some form of mental illness and the two often go hand in hand...which seems to be the case for you.

Oh my god this is a post from my old account that I couldn't remember the password to! Things have changed SO much since than. I got addicted to heroin to the point that even I knew I was addicted, and Ive been to rehab twice since then. I know have 60 days clean and life is fucking awesome, so much better than when I was using.

You sound like me when I was young. I'll put you up on game right now. Useing is one thing, getting hooked another and it easy as fuck. I used roll my heiron in coke and free base it. (not advised) If that gives you any idea. 
But so heres my story. I was a 16 year old drug dealer fuckin around with all the bad ass mother fuckers I could find. If they didn't bang or prostitute themselves I didn't know them and didn't want to. I still have to deal with turning friends and family memeber into addicts for money not to mention a few people I sold to that wound up ODing. People die like flys in the drug world and are quickly forgoten.  So I starting sleep with one of my clients, because he was popular and I wanted more clients, so I dealt with his crazy shit and him stealing my hustle I work so hard to build. But thats not were the drama starts, you see once I had my daughter I started useing again with her father and but her through emotional hell for 4 years. Four years of people ODing in front of her, watching me get beat and almost killed when he was coming down, not to mention just ignoring her while we were getting high. But I stayed cause I was an addict (stuck on that yola), I kept him from going to prison for beating my ass and protected him so I could get my supply. Finally I sober up and left, but my daughter still has to deal with this abusive prick that I let get me pregnant so I could ensure my supply. He would up molesting her all high as kite back in January and beating her keep her quite and because I protected him while I was high as a kite the court thinks I'm the bad parent and a liar(even though I've been clean for 3 years and don't even drink) they gave him custody. Now my daughter gets beat on a regular basis and won't talk about she came the other day with a shiner for her dads house and told me she hit herself. He's still high as a kite and lives in lala land because he has all these people feeding his ego to get more drugs. My daughter just on of many cashaltys in this devine comedy we call addictions. People will sell out anything once your hook enough. My own father throw me out (took out a restraining order ) and turned my dead mothers house into the crack shack from hell just so he could keep getting high after I sober up. He lost his job of 22 years and got busted a year or so ago and cleaned up when because he had to piss for the courts. Oh god, off topic one of my old freinds was all fucked up at his place on day and playing with a gun and shot his brains out and bled to death in his brothers arms all because he was so high he didn't relise the gun was loaded. I've feinds rob me for anything in house that wasn't bolted down (and she was my step mom). No effence but this is the kind of life your on the path to having. Its depressing and then you use cause of the pain drug use has caused your life. I'm 23 with two kids, no family left and just lost my oldest to drugged out molester. Learn from mistakes do better for your life. Espically since you have a family, when i was your age my mom was on her death bed and I was slanging to my dad. Wake girl, this life isn't what you want.


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