Any Addicts Have Advice?
Hi, I never really posted on here before but im in need of some advice. I would prefer advice from either someone in my situation or a current/recovering addict. Thank you for anything you have to offer in advance. Its appreciated. My husband is an addict. Hes addicted to pain medication and has been for a while. He didnt grow up in the best families, so drugs came natural to him at a very young age, even offered by his family. So, throughout his life he used a variety of drugs, but as he got older he realized that he was addicted because he experienced his first withdraw from taking pills after not doing it for a while before. Since then hes been in a constant struggle to become and stay clean. When we got together years ago he was using and i knew it, but i have known many ppl in my life who have taken pills recreationally (which honestly i think is absurd) but i never thought he was unmanageably addicted. A month of so into our relationship he told me he was addicted and didnt want to use anymore. He loved me and knew he had to quit using drugs to allow us to have a good life, he stayed at his mothers house for a few weeks to detox thru withdraws. Seemed fine. Then, about 6-8 months later he admits to be using again. Since then he has gotten a few days to a few months and relapsed over and over. I completely understand that relapse is a part of recovery and would never expect him to never sued drugs ever again (although hat would be great!) so i just helped him thru the withdraws and we started over, and over , and over... Hes tried NA meeting, Church related meeting, nothing seems to be working. His reasoning for the using is that he gets the "voice" in his head and he has tunnel vision untill he uses. Then, two seconds later he feels like shi.t and feels worthless, all that self pity stuff.  Its so hard because i cannot do it for him. I try to practice "detachment" so i wont be so hurt but its so hard not to be. Its ruining everything in our lives, we cannot even start a family because i would never wanna put children thru all the shi.t associated with this addiction. but then again i dont wanna hold up my life, but i only wanna be with him, forever. Thats the only reason im even trying to make things work out. IDK what im looking for, but anything can help... Have u conquered drugs? Have u experienced this? What was the "lightbulb" moment for you to quit? What can i do? What can HE do? Please & Thank you.
my dad first gave me oxycontin when i was 18 years old. i had just broken up with my high school sweetheart, we were together for four years and i was a mess. i couldn't stop crying and he said "this will help". i've been addicted to pills for 4 years now. for the first 3 years i used every day. my tolerance went through the roof. i would crush four 80mg oxys and snort the entire line without getting high. for the past year i've been trying to quit. i'm on a methadone maintenance program, its been about a year but since i keep relapsing and missing doses and testing dirty they start me back at the beginning dose and i lose the previlage of dosing at a pharmacy and having carry home doses. i have to go to the opiate dependency program everyday to get my methadone. methadone and suboxone are a great help in treating opiate addictions because they take away the withdrawls, and for someone who's never experienced them it's hard to understand exactly what that means. i can't handle the withdrawls, i've gone without anything for 4 or 5 days at the most but i cant go longer. i feel like i've been in the worst car crash and have a flu on top of the pain. everything hurts. badly. my eyes water my nose runs i get goose bumps, im so cold i start shaking and thats only day 2. day 3 i start puking and im literally crying because im in so much pain. and it just keeps getting worse. the methadone takes all of that away without getting me high. when im on methadone i dont even think about pills. thats huge. even though im on a methadone program, and i have all the resources i could ever need at my fingertips, its still tough to quit. i get my dose everyday from a nurse, i can walk in and see my dr anytime i want, and the entire second floor of the office is free counseling. but im in love with the drug and i cant imagine never doing it again. i made a promise with my boyfriend that i'd never use behind his back, and just yesterday i did two 40 mg pills and i didnt have to tell him, he could could tell by my pin point pupils. he's scared i'm going to overdose and i hate that i make him worry, i hate what i put him through and i could never express how sorry i am for that. your husband is going through a really tough time and you're an angel for staying by his side. things will get better, i have my good days and my bad. when i was stable on the methadone and not "supplementing" as my nurse calls it, i was able to go 6 months without using. if there's a methadone program in your area i'd recommend looking into it.  
how long did he try NA for? it takes a while and a lot of work for it to really sink in, but for me that's what works. I don't think it's even the 12 steps so much as just having people who GET IT and have gotten past it availing themselves 24 hours a day. when you get tunnel vision and obsession to use you call someone or go to a meeting and ask advice and listen and it goes away. not always, but more and more. I don't know. I don't do perfect, not even close, but NA has made a big difference for me do have to stick it out through the first tough times, though, and call people even if you don't want to/feel like they'll hate you/whatever.
ive been doing extascy for almost a year and honestly my moment i realized i wanted to stop is when i almost overdose on extascy and some other drugs i passed out for 7 minutes my eyes rolled back i was shaking my brother was trying to slap me and wake me up but i wouldnt wake up and i know i could have almost died that night since then i realized this drug has become my whole life and i put it before everybody and i spent all my money on it.. my friends that got me into using told me i had a problem and my close family tells me im an addict in 16 and my moms knows now i go to na meetings to stay sober but she dosnt believe im an addict she thinks im just dramatic my point it when your whole life becomes an obession over this drug thats when you know its time to stop.. your husband just has to give it up to god and probably go to rehab for a couple months.. rehab always helps
Addiction is a horrible thing. Especially when it's something you've been doing for a long time. He is going to need a lot of support from you. Especially with pain pills. I've been an oxy addict for 3 years and I am one week clean today. It's not much, but you just have to take it one day at a time. Rehab has worked for quite a few people that I know, but it will fail unless he really wants to stop. He has to be ready. I hope that everything works out for the two of you and that he can get clean.
I'm five days clean from painkillers. I've taken oxycodone, lortab, percocet, fentanyl, morphine, oxymorphone, hydromorphone...every thing under the sun. Suboxone is the easiest way for most opiate addicts. Suboxone is a prescription sublingual film with buperenorphine and naloxone. Bupe is an opiod and naloxone is an opiate blocker. The bupe keeps you from being sick and makes you feel good. The naloxone is an opiate blocker. The naloxone keeps you from getting high. People get strung out on methdone. Suboxone is a much better option than methadone or subutex because of the opiate blocker.Go to and find a doctor close to you. I promise it's worth it.

he needs to go get help, as in rehab. it starts out like that then progressively gets worse. relapse is NOT apart of recovery, because everytime anyone relapse, they are back where they started; step 1, which is realizing that you are powerless over the drug and you cant manage your life. the fact that his use is affecting you, someone who loves him, means that it is a problem. i know because i have been affected by people who use, and i have affected people because i am an addict. rehab and therapy have saved my life and taught me so many things about my disease(addiction) and myself, and really helped me understand the root of my problem. he needs to do the same because that is the only way he will STAY clean. always reassure him that you will always support him in his recovery, but you will NEVER support him while using, the worst thing you can do for an addict is enable their use. and enable by any means. and also, this may be a bitter pill to swallow, but if he doesnt want to get help, again, if HE DOES NOT WANT HELP, there is not a damn thing you can do about it. he will use and use and use and use. he has to do it for himself. 

I would really suggest he give NA (or AA if he prefers, im a recovering heroin addict but i go to AA meetings because i like the program better and people are totally accepting of that) Its about a lot more than just going to meetings though, its also about getting a sponsor, working the 12 steps, and fellowshipping. When he's in a situation like that where he gets his tunnel vision is exactly when he should call his sponsor or one of the men in his network. Like they say in AA, "It works if you work it."

Hi kay, I understand your situation, my only advice to you is you should get some help from some recovery experts, or contact some good rehab center. You can search some stuff pertaining to a rehab program through internet, like this addiction rehabilitation center new york that I manage to look for you, or to anyone else that might accidentally wonder in this thread. I will pray and hope that your husband will soon realize that he should stop his suffering, and just live a happy and sober life with you. God bless you and your husband.

Well first I'm not hear to judge, I've had my fair share of substance abuse problems. But in your lovers case if he is hooked on Opioids it a physical addiction that can be very difficult to kick, it pretty much like trying to clean up off herion. But if he's experience depression, has he tryed to go to shrink and let them know he needs something to level him out. Pills are hard to kick espically because they not consider Drug Addicts, they just abuse legal highs. But it sounds like he's self medicating, they done new studys showing that Percocet helps with socail anxiety and its hard to want stay depresseed when you can take something to kill the pain, not that that is what it was intended to do but it helps with it. Maybe all your boyfreind really needs is the proper perscribed medicine, by that I mean prescribed to him by his doctor, to help with the emotional aspect that are troubleing him causeing him to use to begin with. Also in servere case I've seen methodone clinic allow for pill addicts to be seen thorught them to help aid in withdraws. I hope that make sence. Good luck you guys.


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