Sex Addiction
Okay, so this is kind of embarrassing but im not sure if i have a problem. I am 18 year old gurl and lately I have really been thinking I have some issues. I lost my virginity when I was 15, but I have always been very sexual all my life since i was a child. When i was younger i did sexual things with my friends and some other things have happened i dont want to write but i dont know if that has something to do with it now. But sex is always on my mind, everyday, all day. I watch pornos a few times a day, masturbate a few times a day, and i just need sex. Theres no emotional connection to my partners, I had a boyfriend who i loved. I just want to have sex with people. If i could, i would probably bed down many of the men i know. When i dont have sex for a while, it starts taking over my entire mind i cant even focus on college or classes. I dream about intercourse at night, then i wake up and fantasize about it all day. I dont know why Im like this, i really dont. Im a pretty gurl.. I just, i dont know. I cant explain it and Im ashamed that ive slept with over 20 different men in my life. Nobody knows this, i wasnt named the slut of my school or anything. Its like a big secret. Like a double life. I dont know what to do, I havent had a boyfriend in years and the relations i get in eventually are run only on sex rather than emotion because of it. Im just afraid one day this is going to completely control me. I dont know who to talk to, please dont judge me gUrls.. is any one else like this?? I

Im like this to. but i think mines come from me being molested at the age of 6.

Sounds like a very real and legitimate sex addiction.

I would seek out professional help because sooner or later, this will take over your life and it will hurt you.

I think it's addiction if it ruins your relationship with your family, boyfriend, and whatnot. If it doesnt, then youre just really a sexual person. :catwink:

its ohkay if you adicted too sex there is nothing wrong with that ... im addicted too sex myself i lovee sex wit a passion ... lol you sound like an older me

It is okay to have sexual thoughts at this age. But having sex with many is not much appreciated. The chances of getting STD is very high. And what if you get pregnant. You can have sexual pleasures but you shouldn't be addicted to it. What if your real face comes to light some day.A friend of mine was addicted to sex and she had undergone a sexual addiction treatment in Seattle. Maybe you should go for a treatment. It can help you.


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