alcohol breath without drinking?
My boyfriend says he has stopped drinking since last December, but every now and then his breath, pores/sweat, and/or body smells like alcohol. When he smells like alcohol I ask him if he has drank and all but one time (since December) he says no. Is it possible to smell like alcohol without drinking? He says its just because he's around people that have been drinking but then why would his breath smell like it?
Well, either he is lying to you about drinking or he's swapping spit with someone who has alcohol on their breath. About how he smells, it may be because he's around people who are drinking but I doubt it... Sorry, hun :/

you can't smell like alcohol from being around someone who's drinking. that's impossible. 

If he's got a drinking problem, he shouldn't be around people who drink. It's a huge no-no. 

The ONLY thought I have is this: Is there any chance he's diabetic? People in ketoacidosis (LOW blood sugar) can get an odd acetone smell on their breath. It's really particular and I can't really describe it. It's also been described as fruity. That's the only thing I can think of that could make his breath smell like alcohol (sorta) without drinking.

Other than that...he's lying to you. 

He's either lying or in Liver failure, hopefully he's lying. Liver failure would prevent his body form filter out his old toxin and it would sweat out or come out of breath. i used call it rot gut when I'd drink alot then stop and a month later I still smelled like booze everytime I ran or broke a sweat.


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