The alcoholic in me: AA.

I fought with alcoholism for a decade until I could admit I had a real problem.

I remember my first drunk at 18- thinking this is what I wanted. It made me into someone who I always wanted to be.

From the moment, my addiction to alcohol progressed quickly. I craved drinking. I always attributed it to a phase:
18- i am a rebellious teenager.
19 to 25- i am in university, everyone drinks.
26- I am living in korea with my boyfriend, everyone is drinking, it's a party, when i get back to canada, i won't drink like this...
27 to 28- i am heartbroken. He was the one... i need this drink

At the end of 28, my mom found me unconscious in my room. I had a problem. I was done fighting off all my demons. I hit my rock bottom. I admitted to myself that I was unmanageable and I needed help... I was done. Was just done.

I am now 10.5 months sober. I am not looking back. I cannot look back. I was a mess.

I am in AA, and proud. It's not just for old drunk men. I need AA. It helps keep me sober. I am coming to terms with my demons, and looking into myself- although I don't always like what I find, I am slowly knocking down the wall I created to hide all my demons.


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