Hearing voices

My name is Madison.​I hear voicesw that send me sexual images and they abuse me sexually 24/7 non stop. the lead voice is of a man. They call me a whore and i have never even had sex before. Maybe i have dreampt about it of even masturbated, but never had sex. They lie and say they have "visited me". What do i do?

You should tell someone you trust like a parent espically if you're underage and or people you might live with such as a partner/roommate. You should also tell people close to you in case you hear the voices when they are around. Also contact your Family Doctor ASAP to see if you can get help and/or look up services on google that can and will help people with mental illness.?

A psychiatrist doctor will fully understand, as they deal with these kinds of things every day. "Hearing Voices" is one common symptom of a type of mental illness that is common. And it's fully treatable.

Usually the hardest part is half of the patients don't recognize they have a problem. They are unable to have insight into their own deficit, and insist they are "normal" and don't need medication, and will refuse to take medication. Fortunately you are among the other half who at least recognizes something is wrong.

The rest is fairly easy to treat, once the patient is willing to try medications. Patients can go on to live fairly normal lives once they get stabilized on the right medication. Medication can turn down the volume on the voices, or make them go away completely.


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