Does anyone have any tips for how to study with ADHD? I recently got diagnosed. Before this, I had anxiety and depression (and still do), so they're medicating me with wellbutrin to try and mitigate the effects of depression and ADHD.
Also, how can I get an IEP? I'm not a terrible student, but I'm not a good one either. And I know I could be an honors student if I had the right accomadations, but they only give them to struggling students. Thing is, I AM struggling. Just not at the same level as some of the other kids because I have a natural aptitude for the things we're learning. Sadly, though, they base whether or not you're struggling on your grades... sigh. Mine aren't bad.? But they aren't as high as they could be.
Before my mental illnesses manifested, I was top of my class. I was offered a scholarship to a foreign boarding school (that my mom declined because she would miss me) for the rest of my school career--in 5th grade. I want to go back to that but I have such a hard time keeping motivated and paying attention to things for long periods of time.
Please, any advice would be great.

IEPs are wonderful! I'll ask around how one gets one.

Medications can help. Sounds like you already have a doctor working on that.

My understanding is ADHD is treated with stimulants, like Adderall, or Ritalin, which sounds counter intuitive at first, -- why give someone who's hyperactive a stimulant? Because they're not really hyperacitve, it's just their brain can't filter out all the irrelevant stuff that's happening all around them, so they are being endlessly distracted by all the irrelevant things happening around them, making it hard for them to stay focused on one task for very long. The stimulant helps activate the filter part of the brain that's supposed to filter out the irrelevant so they can stay focused on the relevant.

One problem though is getting to sleep at night. And a good night sleep is very important too. So timing the medication is important so it wears off by bedtime. Oh, and the other problem is if you also have anxiety, well a stimulant like Adderall can just exacerbate that anxiety. (I once was in a state where I was taking Adderall, a stimulant that can cause anxiety, and Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication, at the same time, and I realized the two meds were fighting each other, so I cut the Adderall in half, and that solved a lot of problems.)

I primarily had depression, and I think the anxiety was just a secondary thing from the depression. Depression also made it difficult for me to think and study. (Sometimes it got so bad doing anything was difficult.) I recovered once I found an antidepressant medication that worked for me. I had to try a whole bunch of different ones, and it took a long time, but when we finally came across the one that worked for me it was great. I started improving, my life got better, and better, and just kept getting better, for a whole year. Took a year to recover fully. But I'm OK now things are great. (Though I still complain about not having a partner, or a job. I'm working on that! At least life doesn't hurt anymore.)

I've learned super smart people sometimes lack abilities that normal people have. I hope to pair up with a normal person who can fill in my gaps.


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