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I used to see a psychologist and my insurance stopped when I turned 19 so I haven't been to her in 6 months and i feel like my anxiety and depression has gotten worse and I want to be put on some type of medicine to help with it but my mother is 100% against it but I really feel like I have no control of it anymore and I'm starting to have more panic/anxiety attacks and it's getting harder for me to do everyday things i just want help and idk who to talk to or where to go my psychologist was just talk therapy and talking isn't going to help me ?get up out of bed or help me go into a restaurant without being scared if you know or have any idea who I should call please let me know?

Can you go to any doctor? General purpose doctors often will prescribe if you know what you need, such as you need some anti-anxiety medication, and anti-depressant medication. Then they can refer you to a psyciatrist if they think that's prudent.

I go to a psychiatrist. They are however expensive, and there's a shortage of them, which is why general purpose doctors are filling in and prescribing for simple cases.

Other things that can help: Mindfulness Meditation, mindfulness motion exercises such as Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, and therapeutic yoga. Stay connected with people. See if there's a support group in your area you could join. Check NAMI.

Some helpful links:

You're 19 that's a common age these problems start to develop. If there's a college nearby they may have resources available, since colleges deal with this a lot.

Best wishes! Stay in touch!

Late post and I hope you read this but here it goes. One can you convince your Mom the pills arn't addictive? I know many people on pills for the problems you have none of them are addictive or anything and I know this because the people on them tell me so. If and when you do find a doctor can your Mom sit in with you and have the doctor explain to her that the pills from these problems arn't addictive or anything?


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