Flying Anxiety

Hello! Recently on the last flight I took I had my forst panic attack at the airport. It shook me quite a bit and has made me anxious about flying. It's not that I'm scared of crashing, I'm scared of having a panic attack or a heart attack on the plane. I'm flying overseas tomorrow and the fear of having a heart attack while in the middle of the pacific terrifies me. And I know that having a heart attack is nearly impossible for my age and somewhat okay health (my diet is not very great and ?i almost never exercise except for gym class), but it still terrifies me. I wouyldnt be able to do anything about it on the plane to. I have Ativan but it does take a while to kick in.?

Any advice on how to deal woth my anxiety?

Ativan is good. Works in about 1/2 hour. Flight attendants may be trained to deal with these things as it's not uncommon to encounter travelers who have various phobias about flying. Even passengers are probably helpful too. Be surprised how many of them rise to the occasion and come to help when a stranger is in need. Play soothing music, distract yourself with a project, music, video, doodle, anything to occupy your mind. Or try mindfulness meditation, which may not work if you haven't done it before, as that takes time to develop those skills. Ativan has worked well for me. Best wishes!


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