I know that there is something wrong with me..

I don't think the way most people think. I never have and as a child my thoughts were always violent, and wishful of something tragic happening to me. I know I'm not normal in the mind. My thoughts do scare me, and I havent acted out on them. I'm afraid because I've been extremely impulsive lately. My thoughts have been driving wild. Its like a switch went off in my head. I don't know what to do or how to feel.?

Could you describe some more? What sort of environment did you live in, and are living in now? Are you under a lot of stress? Do you feel?depressed?

Any changes that could account for becoming extrememly impulsive lately?

A switch went off in your head? Was this a sudden change? Like things were fine and then suddenly they weren't?

Sometimes a thing to try is sitting still for 2 minutes and just observe. Observe your body, your feelings, your surroundings, and just be open without thinking baout it. Just sti quietly and observe and notice. Sometimes this allows an explanation to pop into the forefront of consciousness where you can get a handle on it.

Yes, I am depressed, I was diagnosed with bipolar depression when i was 17 years old, but I feel like its more than bipolar disorder. I just don't feel right. I love with my boyfriend and his family, for a year now. I've always had these thoughts since I was young, but as I get older, I feel like I control them less and less. I'm completly letting go.?


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