I'm getting a new therapist

i don't want to tell my new therapist the truth because they will send me to a mental hospital again! I think I'm bipolar I already have depression anxiety adhd and ptsd and social anxiety but I think I'm bipolar...I've been feeling homicidal on some days I know I would never do it but still it's bad to even think those things.I want an eating disorder and some days I just don't want to be alive I feel as if I'm getting weaker and weaker..I feel so angry and confused 
plese someone help!

You've gotta tell your therapist. I mean they can't help you unless they know what's going through your mind. You can't handle it by yourself so please tell him

Being hospitalized isn't a punishment. It's to help you get the treatment you need and to regain control over your life. It sounds like you're in a sort of crisis and it is extremely concerning that you're expressing homicidal ideation. Please tell your therapist the truth. They cannot help you unless you do. If you were to become a threat to other people, you may end up in police custody instead of getting help from a mental health professional. The jail system is notoriously awful for people with mental health issues, and if you were to harm someone else you could end up spending a very long time in prison. Rather than ruining your own life and harming others, please be honest with your therapist and get the help you need.

If stress and anxiety start interfering with your daily life, it may become a more serious issue. If you are avoiding situations due to irrational fears or severe anxiety, it may be time to seek help. You should have to tell all these things to your therapist. The effect of anxiety gets amplified when the body is not exercised. You can try yoga; it helps you to access an inner strength which will help you to face the challenges of everyday life. Here's a blog which explains the effects of minimizing stress on our body -​http://www.erinmillshealth.com/blog/general-category/minimizing-impact-stress-body-chiropractic-advice/. Hope it helps.


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