So I was just recently diagnosed with OCD and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. I was mainly wondering how people deal with it besides going to counseling. I am planning to go to see a counselor once a week and I think I want to try antidepressants as well. Are there any techniques or tips for controlling or combating OCD on one's own, like outside of counseling? Also, what medication works best for you, if you don't mind me asking?

Well, let me start out by saying that I don't know what meds work best. No medication is going to fix this. I know how you feel I have suffered from this disorder as well. For the meantime... do things the way YOUR brain needs things to be done. Your teachers, parents, and friends will completely understand if you explain it to them, but you cannot expect them to just know. Overtime you will find that these things can be more laid back than you are making them. Obviously this is not going to work for everyone but this has worked for me.?

I have OCD too, here's what worked for me and others I've heard.
1) Either get a couselor or read lots of OCD books if you can't afford.?
2)listen to th eadvice of said counselor or book
3) Talk to other people in support groups or online groups (http://www.ocdaction.org.uk/forum) (it works in any country I believe)
4) never doubt yourself or think you're stupid/weird. There are many geniuses out there with OCD i.e. einstein
5) remeber, it isnt you, it's your OCD


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