Emotional Trauma

It has taken me a long time to talk about this, but I fear if I don't I will go insane. I was in a relationship for a year and a half. This lad was manipulative and controlling the entire time. On top of this, he also raped me twice.? It almost completely?destroyed me. Because of all of this, i am now under all sorts?of mental health support. Psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist and all sorts. Even with?all of this support I can't help but feel alone. Because of him I had to live my home city for my own safety and was dragged to a new city where I have no one. I have never felt so alone. Sometimes I feel its all pointless and the only way I'm?going to get better is to just end it all... So someone please tell me how am I supposed to get through this?

Sorry this happened to you. Seek out support groups. Just being in a circle with other people you eventually get to know because you all sit in the same circle frequently, can be very helpful. It helps calm the more primitive emotional brain. That primitive part of the brain doesn't like being alone. It does like being with people. (It's like being with one's tribe in caveman days.) We can simulate this by going to support groups and just being there.

Then, try hanging out in places where there are a lot of people, places where you can be noticed, and people looking for someone to casually talk to can see you and approach you. Then you may get to know a few people.

Another helpful thing is learning some Mindfulness Meditation. Maybe find a meditation group. Buddhist places often have them. Buddhist places may also have chanting, which some people seem to like. Probably works the same way as Mindfulness Meditation. It can slowly help heal the brain.

Healing a brain takes time. Months. But recovery is possible if you can hang in there and find these places where other people like yourself go for the same reason.

Becoming isolated can be very bad I know I've been there. (I eventually moved into a residential treatment facility and felt much better being there surrounded by all those people. I finally felt safe and cound start my healing.)

Best wishes. Hope you feel well soon!


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