Bipolar disorder and mania

Ok so bipolar mania... And hyper sexually...

my friend (guy) has bipolar disorder but hasn't been in treatment or on medication recently. We hung out a lot this summer and I could tell he was going through mania he even admitted he was. He was overspending talking really fast to the point of stuttering... As well as taking adderall to have even more energy. We made out one weekend and he kept texting and asking to get a hotel to have sex together but he has a gf so I kept saying no. But he kept saying I was a dream come true which I'm sure is partly the mania where you think Everything is amazing. Anyways I declinded the hotel and he cried for hours and kept calling and saying bad stuff about me. He had to call his therapist because he wanted to commit suicide. I hung out with him the next day and he was really hyper and driving really fast. He was crying in the car to get a hotel so we wound up at a hotel and had sex. But my concern is... He wasn't in his right frame of mind at all. He finally saw a doctor and got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on meds. He was talking about sex and how personal it is and that he wouldn't feel right about asking me that's a switch! So did he actually forget we had sex? Regrets it? Or had he mellowed out a bit? I would never ask him though.?

That's kind of you to be supportive of him.

Wow he swung from mania to depression. Sounds like that was a fast swing.

I'd watch for drug use, as certain drugs can also cause these symptoms, or greatly exacerbate them.

Adderall. There's one that can be abused. Can cause mania like symptoms.

Hard to know if it's just drug use, or he really is bipolar, or both. Could be both. Sometimes bipolar people turn to drugs to try and self medicate, or mania just removes inhibitions to use drugs.

I wouldn't worry about sex. (Unless you want to. As long as he didn't hurt you.) I'd be more concerned about drug abuse, and keeping yourself well, and don't get sucked in to drug use, it's OK to love him and care, I have my councelor watch over me when I get into these situations where there's a danger of getting sucked in. She tells me if I'm getting too involved, or if it's time to back off because the person has gone too far off the deep end. It's tricky walking that fine line between helping and getting used.

Best wishes.


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