Surgical Abortion Advice

I had a surgical abortion 6/7 weeks ago. At the time I was 10 weeks pregnant. It was the hardest decision ever and I worried about the recovery as I haven't really had anyone to talk to about it.
i have been bleeding since. I bled for a month and then stopped for a week, I then started bleeding again. It looks a lot more like period blood? However on the 7th day of my period it didn't seem to calm down it got worse and I started to pass clots. I've now been bleeding for 12 days straight. So to summarise bled for 4 weeks, had a minor break and then have continued to bleed and have not stopped. Surely as it's been 6 weeks I would no longer be passing abortion blood or small clots? I'm quite concerned and worried, it's really stressing me out and getting me down. Someone please advise me if this is part of the recovery process as I have gone online and everywhere says you bleed for a maximum of 3 weeks so you can imagine my distress that it's now July and I'm still bleeding when I had my abortion in May! :(


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