Considering adoption.

i have been considering adoption for a while but I personally don't want to go through an agency. I rather adopt from the birth mother. Has anyone ever done this or know where to start the process in finding a mother who can no longer care for their baby or does not want their baby

I only know one person who had her baby adopted. It was an "Open Adoption", meaning she got to meet the adopting parents, and keep in contact with them via letters, and meet them and the baby once a year, though the contact was limited, because they wanted the adopted parents to be the baby's real parents, and the birth mom to not interfear much, but still it wasn't a blind "here's your new baby from anonymous parents you'll never meet and we'll never tell you who they are" type of thing.

I suppose maybe different agencies do it different ways.

Sorry that's all I know.

Thank you for thinking of adopting. I'm sure there are many pregnant women out there who would like to have their baby adopted by you. Just need to get you and them connected somehow.

Best wishes!


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