Foster care, adoption, families and the holidays

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some thoughts and feelings here with the holidays getting so close.

I have to admit to struggling to put my thoughts and words in the right order without getting emotional.

First I should say THANK YOU to anyone who has been a foster or adoptive parent.  As a now 18 year old, now aged out of the system foster kid I have to admit that I was not a very easy foster child to care for.  I carry a lot of anger and hatred for just the need to have been in the system and never made it easy for those looking out for me so again thank you for taking the chance to bring kids in your home.

i also should say THANK YOU to the social workers and other staff.  You do not have an easy job.  I do know there are some who really do care and want to help.  Again thank you.

I also want to let any fellow Foster kids here that you are not alone and you will be an adult and on your own sooner than you think.  It's certainly not easy being in the system and finding a way to trust and feel safe.  

I cannot speak very knowledgable about adoption but for a family to want to bring in someone new to their family is incredible.  

I certainly understand wanting to know about biological parents as I have no information on my father.  My bio mom will not tell me anything about him and my birth certificate lists my father as unknown.  So I understand your feelings.  

Either way, Happy Holidays you are not alone!


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