I know this is crazy, but could somebody tell me what to think?
-I want to be a surrogate to pay for college. When I graduate highschool, i want to take off a year and help a couple have a baby of their dreams. In return I'd help them. I have a couple years to think about it..but I'm curious, should I consider surrogacy to pay for nursing school?

Wow that is crazy. But then again it would be the most unselfish thing to do. Is it going to be enough financially tho? This is what I found out: but then again, I do not know if you live in the states or not. If I were to even consider it I would like to have kids of my own first. So I know how well I can handle a pregancy instead of jumping in like that. But that's just my opinion. Also there are different ways you can get money. You can participate in studies. I have a friend who was part of one and got paid $800 just for taking some pills. There's also places where they give you money for your plasma. Do lots of research first and do what you gotta do!

I think it is a good idea if there weren't any risks involved. Pregnancy is very dangerous and it may prevent you from having children in the future. Ther are always scholarships!


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