I need prayers... in the process of getting my rights back to my 6 month old little girl

I was going through a rough time in my life back in June, and I signed myself into a mental health hospital... While I was in there, my step mom brought me adoption papers to sign. I was so out of it and stressed out with life that I didn't even realize what all I had exactly signed. My step mom had always promised me that I would be in my daughters life and that I would get to see her... Well truth be told is she stopped letting me see my daughter completely, my step mom now claims my daughter will be better off with her and my dad, saying if I have my daughter then she wont have a good life. My step mom has now even turned my own brother against me.


I have a court date coming up on September 10, 2012.. my therapist has been helping me through this all, Idk what I would have done with out her.


I would love to have everyone pray for me, because if I don't get my baby girl back I feel like that will be the end of me... this is driving me crazy being away from my little girl!

Im praying for you. :) I hope everything goes good at court and i wish you good luck!

You cannot make a contract when you're mentally incapacitated, which it sounds like you were. If you could not understand what you were committing to, the contract can be voided.

please look into ur options... we're all praying for u :)

praying for you :0)

Stay Strong!!! It all gets better in the end.

god bless, praying!!!

god bless, praying!!!

Oh my gosh what an ordeal for you! Praying for you, I pity you! You deserve your little girl back!

You people do realize that this girl posted 1 time a year ago?

I know you posted this 2 years ago and I would love to hear how everything turned out.

Praying for you!! goodluck and do your best!! hoping you win the case!!!


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