Open adoption?

Has anyone gone through one? Tell me more information on it. Also heard some close after so many year. Like after five years and you get no more pictures of vist you just you  cut off

I'm adopted. My birth mom decided that she wanted a closed adoption but she wanted pictures and letters for the first five years. After that we were cut off from each other :/

It's not so hard at first, you know because I was little and i didn't know much about her. Now that I'm older (17 to be exact) I find that I'm thinking about her every day :/ I wonder why she didn't want me, she said in her last letter that she didn't know where we'd go from here and that she loved me.. I really wish that she would have chosen an open adoption, I would have loved having her in my life. But, when an adopted person turns 18,  they are free to do what they want, so I can go out and contact my adoption service and find my birth mother if I want to

I'm also adopted. I had a closed adoption. I personally like it. I'm fifteen now, and although I am curious about my birth parents, I know that my parents raised me, and love me. I am no different then any other person, except I have to complete strangers somewhere out in the world that gave me my genetics. I know that one day I will search out my birth parents. I am thinking about doing that very soon. But I grew up completely normally, adoption just being a part of my life story. I never knew anything different, and I just thought that I was unique and awesome. I do wonder what happened, but I know that my birth parents must have loved me and wanted a good home for me, or else they wouldn't have given me up, and I probably wouldn't have as nice of a life as I do now. 
Closed adoption gives the child a clean cut, which they can always turn back to look on. Also, what has always helped me, is that I have a book, with pictures of my birthparents and some small information from them that they put together right after I was born that my parents always have showed me when I have questions.

i put my daughter up for adoption when she was born because i wasn't financially stable enough to take care of her the way she needed to be taken care of, and we have an open adoption. i met the adoptive family through their daughter because she was in one of my classes during my senior year (when i got pregnant). they send me pictures, keep me up-to-date on milestones and anything else that happens in her life, and i visit her from time to time. they told me that when they feel she's old enough to understand, they will tell her and they feel that it will make things a little bit easier for her if she's already familiar with me (she's 3 now and she already knows me by name and her adoptive mother has a picture of me hanging up in her room). they've also said that they will try their best to make sure she knows that i didn't give her up because i didn't want her, but because it was the best thing for her. i get along with the adoptive family very well, and i couldn't be happier with the way things turned out in my situation. my mom & i are still able to be in her life from a distance, and i have peace of mind knowing for a fact that she's in a good, safe, stable home with a good family that loves her.


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