This may sound weird.

This may sound weird but I am basicly the perfect mix of  my real parents.Dad had green eyes and brown haird,mom had black hair and brown eyes.In the summer I am like my dad.But in the winter I am like my mom.In the fall n spring I am a mix.My granparents adopted me n make them call Mom and Daddy.But I do not want to.I want to meet my father, and I want to live with my Mom.My mom tehcnically has 7.5 gran kids and 4.5 kids.I am the .5 part.It is complicated.I am the oldest in my real family but the youngest in my fake.I am 12 and I was supposd to be told this year.I found out when I was seven.I want to meet my real dad.I WANT MY REAL PARENTS TO FIND EACHOTHER AND BE BACK TOGETHER AND TAKE ME FROM THEM!!You can tell I am different from my fake parents.they both have blue eyes and I do not.My eyes are normally hazel or brown.Every one I know feels bad for me.</3.I want to meet my Dad so much</3 what should I do?
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I was adopted as a child and I can understand how you feel.


However, you have to understand that what you have in your head is just a fantasy. A common and normal one for many (probably most) adopted children. But it's not reality. You have every right to one day meet your parents, but please prepare yourself for the fact that they may not be at all what you envisioned.


I just recently 'met' my parents (through Facebook, I'm on the opposite side of my country from them) and it was different than anything I expected. I always knew my Dad had 'problems' and wasn't the most intelligent but he's basically got the mentality and social skills of a 3 year old. Even talking to my 7 year old son is more logical, predictable and makes more sense than talking to my father. My mother was just completely insane and paranoid and wouldn't even talk to me. So much for a joyous reunion ;-) But those are things you have to be prepared for as an adoptee.


You cannot set all your hopes on this idea that your parents are these wonderful, loving, normal people who are going to swoop in and save you from your bad life. If they were any of those things then you wouldn't have been adopted in the first place. It can be hard to accept that about our parents but it's true. Loving, good parents don't lose their children so completely.



Well,I know but I want to meet my Dad.My Mother is a really nice person she told me if she could of kept me she would of.My Dad...I just wanna know what happened to him....He has not been seens since I was 3.I just wanna know what happened and what he is like.

You need to understand that what you want probably won't happen...and if it does, it more than likely will be nothing close to what you imagined. There is a reason that your grandparents adopted you. Just because you want your parents to get back together and suddenly realize that they made a gigantic mistake by giving you up for adoption, you have to understand that it doesn't change anything. It's a fantasy. 

Talk to your grandparents about wanting to meet your dad and know that it may not be possible. But it's worth asking if it is that important to you.


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