Need a shoulder.
I, like 9 other in my family were adopted. It's not a surprise, we've all always known, it's been an open topic and our questions were always met with a discussion. Now after 24 years of marriage and 13 kids my mom is calling her marriage quits. She is Ovington two states away and doesn't want anything to donwith any of us adoptees. Yesterday we watched her pack her bags and drive like hell to get an escape. I feel like my life is falling apart, and I'm only in my sophomore year in high school. I have older and younger siblings. We were all shocked. I guess I just don't know what to feel or how to deal. I just want someone to talk to. A hand to hold. A shoulder to cry on.

Oh hunny I'm so sorry. =((

You guys just have to stick together.. What's your dad doing? Or whats he say in all of this?

You just can't get up... Things get worse before they get better. Does writing make you feel better?? Maybe write down everything you'd like to say to her or about the situation.


you can talk to me and I can try my damndest to make you feel better. or even if u just wanna vent...

i can relate to you, i myself and my siblings were adopted,because our birthmother didn't want us, and and im here if you need anything.just message me if you need.

i am so so sorry. if you need someone to talk to i'd be more than happy to listen. I'm the youngest adoptee of seven so i understand. my adoptive families extended family has never accepted me or my other adopted siblings as 'real family' so i can understand the pain.

I am so so sorry *hugs*




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