She was PROUD of her birth mom...
I work with children. One of my favorite student's name is "Kenzee" But on her progress report her name was posted as "Makenzie."So, i asked her.. "So, is "Kenzee" is your nick name?" Cuz i always called her Kenzee because she was on my attendance sheet as Kenzee. And she said "My Mom gave me the name Kenzee when i was born, but she was only 17 when i was born... and it was really hard for her to take care of me... So when she was 18 she gave me to my new mommy cuz she knew that my new mommy and daddy could take care of me better than she could! So, a lot of people call me Kenzee cuz thats what i like cuz my old mommy gave me that name!" When she talked about her "old mommy" She sounded SO proud of her "old mom!" She knew that her mom was only doing what was best for her! She talked and talked about how lucky she was that her mom loved her enough to give her to a new family so she could have a better life! She said that she knew her old mom was sad that she coudlnt keep her and take care of her! I almost started crying! It was the most touching thing i have ever heard in my life. I wanted to give her and her new mommy and her old mommy a hug! Kids now a days are SO smart... And they are SO understanding!
That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard =). It so great that she isn't mad at her birth mom and that she doesn't feel unloved. That is one lucky little girl.
I know! It broke my heart! I hear a lot of stories but this one topped them all! I work at a gymnastics academy so i have like... 120 students total.
This made me cry! Probably has a little something to do with my pregnancy hormones right now, but still. That's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. <3

aannndddd, here come the water works...

I love hearing stories like this. I'm adopted, and have a very similar view on it. I know that it's the right thing, and I'm so greatful that my birthparents gave me up, because they did an amazing thing for me, even if it was hard. It's great to hear people talking about the positives instead of the negatives.

What an amazing little girl and especially adoptive family. They are so kind to have explained it like that to her.

These stories are the thing that help other adopted childern see that their parents still loved them. My parents put me up for adoption when I was thirteen and it sucked. I was supposedly to much of a hasel. I am sixteen now and living with a great new family and my seven adoptive brothers.


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