Did I have a miscarriage?

So I had a weird situation happen to me. I went on the Nuva ring about 3 months ago. About a month ago I started to spot. I thought it was a side effect of the birth control. My doctor told me it was ok to leave the Nuva ring in for 4 weeks to skip my period. On this past Sunday I took it out and said let me give my body a break from it. I started bleeding heavy. On Monday I had chills and didn't feel well. On Tuesday I bled even heavier. Went through a tampon in less then 2 hours. I got home and just laid down. Which is unusual for me. When my husband got home from work I went to the bathroom and something fell out in the toilet. I went to the hospital and they sent it to the lab to find out exactly what it is. They said it's probably a miscarriage but my hcg levels were only slightly elevated not enough to definitively say if I was pregnant or not. I feel horrible I didn't know and feel that maybe I killed it. I was on birth control to prevent pregnancy and some how still got pregnant. I do have a child and have never had a miscarriage. I am just sick over this. Someone please let me know what you think.  

The picture of what came out is my avatar because I cannot figure out how to upload it

Hey i need help becuase i dont know if i miscarried or not.  i had protected sex about 3 weeks ago.  I usually get my period around the 3rd but started bleeding on the 31st which was weird cause i am usually very regular.  My flow was super heavy and ut had multiple small clots.  The color seemed brighter red than usual as well. This went on for 3 days than abruptly stopped.  I havent bleed since.  I have been living in a dorm for 6 weeks so could this irregular behavior be because my period was syncing with my rommates'? Or did i miscarry or just have really haevy implantation bleeding? Please send any adive that you can.  


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