Story of hope

I see so many girls on here blaming themselves and feeling hopeless, so I need to say this.

First, I did a research paper on miscarriage and neo natal death. The most important thing I learned was that these deaths are almost always the result as genetic abnormalities that don't allow the baby to develop past a certain point. So please know that or is not your fault! Even moms who had high stress levels or used drugs rarely have miscarriages for those reasons.

My friend and I were both pregnant (unplanned) at the same time. Both boys. Our due dates were a week apart. I was so excited for our boys to grow up together! But then, softly after he was born, her son died. It was horrible. I can't even imagine the pain she felt. She and her bf decided to try for another right away. It took a couple months, but she got pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy! We've both felt his older brother watching over him and I think he can even see him sometimes. So know there is hope!

Losing a child is the most painful experience a person can have. But the pain will lessen and you'll realize that even if they aren't there physically, there are always with you spiritually. Talk to them. Write to them. Do things in honor of them. They want you to keep moving and to be happy. And someday you will be together again :) (I'm not just saying that. I really know it. But that's for a different post!)


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