placental abruption

Hello, I had a placental abruption. =11pxWhen I first found out I was pregnant on December 11, 2011, We couldnt contain our excitement. I was 17 at the time and engaged to Erick's dad, Robert.
=11pxWhen we first seen what our little baby looked like, you could hardly tell that he would become the Beautiful little boy that he became, We got our first look at him on January 10, 2010, I was 2 months along, and almost cried the first time i ever =11pxlaid my eyes on him, I first felt him move at 4 or 5 months, so excited, i would spend days waiting for those little flutters in my tummy, my baby was growing to be quite the little gymnastic. March 27th, 2012. We finally found out that we were having a boy, We named him Erick lee Dickerson. I started on his nursery, painting it a beautiful blue, and had so much fun baby shopping for little Erick. Finally, It was a week before my due date when I went into labor. When I went in, I went in hard. My contractions were extremely intense when they first started and being my first time, I thought they were normally like that when in reality I jumped straight into active labor. I was home alone so I had went to my neighbors house to use their phone to call my husband. He called his mother and she got home first, rushing me to the hospital. I was so excited when I went into the maternity ward but thats when my horror story started. They checked for 30 minutes and couldnt find my sons heartbeat. I was too late for them to do anything. 12 hours later, I was forced to give birth naturally with morphine that would wear off within 5 minutes. I was prepared for a c section due to a backwards cervix (I was told my whole pregnancy that i would have to have one). My son became an angel on July 20, 2012, at 11:32 pm weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces. For months, I was dead inside. I couldnt even step into his nursery without breaking down. My marriage crumbled, I had horrible anxiety attacks(sometimes for no reason, but always when I saw a child). I will never have children or should I say give birth to children, my tubes are getting tied, and someday I will adopt

Truth of the matter is, I was never told about placental abruption. Most women arnt, but its a very serious issue. Had I known about it and the simptoms than maybe my son would have survived. 


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